Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette–Review and Swatches

Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette–Review and Swatches

In the past I was the person with single eyeshadows… maybe duos at best. I was never a palette girl. I mean, what do you do with that may eyeshadows??

Well, here I am, about to gush to you about how much I absolutely love this palette. Strap yourselves in ladies and gents.

coastal scents revealed 2 palette

When considering exactly which palette you should buy, you can become overwhelmed with options. I new that I wanted something low end/drugstore because I have been spending too much on beauty products as it is. But I didn’t want to sacrifice quality and options.

In the end I was torn between the Coastal Scents original Revealed palette and the Revealed 2. The reviews for all of the Revealed palettes are great, in fact, which is what drew me to this brand. In the end, I went for the Revealed 2. I liked the option of pink and gold toned shades as well as some neutrals whereas the original is almost all neutrals. I knew I’d have some great options with the Revealed 2 between the matte and shimmer finishes, the browns, golds, and pinks, and the amazing reviews.

Plus, apparently the shades in this palette are dupes for Urban Decay’s Naked 3. Since I’ve still never used UD’s Naked palettes, you can check out this review from Harlot Beauty that matches up corresponding shades.

coastal scents revealed 2 palette open side

Now, being a mostly skin care blogger, I’m not as savvy with makeup. I did manage to get some swatches, though, and let me tell you–they are so creamy and gorgeous in person. I was literally squealing with delight as I swatched.

coastal scents revealed 2 swatches rotated.jpg

Since the shades don’t have individual names, they are swatched left to right starting on the top row of the palette. They are on my skin starting at the The lighter colors, especially with microglitter, were the least smooth and took a few swipes. But the darker, matte shades were dreamy.

coastal scents revealed 2 palette open close

As I said, I’ve never had the fortune to get my hands on an Urban Decay Naked palette before so I can’t compare, but these shadows do last all day without moving, especially with eye primer. They have great pigmentation for a product that is considered low end. Honestly, this has been one of my absolute best makeup purchases recently. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

If you’re on the fence about buying this palette (or if you’re just looking for a great low end palette), Coastal Scents delivers.

I give the Revealed 2 palette 4 stars. I wish there were a mirror (that would make it the best for travel), there is some fallout with some shades, and some shades require more product to show pigmentation. Overall, though, it’s a great product!


You can find Coastal Scents’ Revealed 2 palette on their website here or on Amazon here.

What low end eyeshadow palette do you love or want to try?


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17 thoughts on “Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette–Review and Swatches

    1. You’re so right! This palette is super versatile, which I love because I’m pretty lazy. I wonder if I’ll ever want to use single shadows again… I just love having a palette at my fingertips. 😉 Thanks for stopping by, Stashy! ❤

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    1. I’m such a pink fan!! Purples look great with my eyes (brings out the green), but golds, pinks, and a touch of neutrals are really some favs of mine, making this palette my new love. 😉 Thanks for stopping by! ❤


    1. I got a sample of the original Revealed and really love it, too! I think with a larger palette like this, you really don’t need many other eyeshadows (if any, depending on what you like). I really only reach for this palette for pretty much every look which is really convenient. Thanks for reading! 🙂


  1. This looks amazing. I love when drugstore type of Makeup is of high quality. I own the urban decay naked3 palette and it compares nothing to this one. I think this one looks even better than the naked3! I definitely need to look into it ! It has such great colors! 😍nice swatches btw!👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I definitely love the shades on this palette! Since I haven’t tried the Urban Decay Naked palettes, I can’t compare them, but I heard that these have more fallout than UD’s, which I have seen some fallout of some shades. But, man, if I get 20 shades for a fraction of the price of one Naked palette and my price is fallout, than I’ll take it! 😉 Thanks for stopping by ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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