Missha Creamy Strawberry Latte Cleansing Foam–Review

Missha Creamy Strawberry Latte Cleansing Foam–Review

I really love cleansing foams. I double cleanse at the end of the day (using an oil based cleanser first, followed by a water based foam cleanser) and the second step is one I always look forward to. I had a back stock of my Murad Pomegranate Foaming Cleanser, but as I was running out, I wanted to find a Korean alternative that was, preferably, more inexpensive.

I stumbled across the Missha Strawberry Latte Cleansing Foam and, at only about 5 bucks, figured why not?

missha creamy latte cleanser.jpg

Missha claims that this foaming cleanser will “help vitalize tired, dull skin” as well as brighten and moisturize. On the positive: it actually contains milk (but doesn’t need to be refrigerated) and strawberry extracts. On the negative: stearic, lauric, and myristic acid are all flags for potential acne triggers.

The product dispenses as a pretty, pearlescent pink cream. After adding water and rubbing on your hands, it foams up rather nicely. I tried using this as a solo cleanser in the morning and that was a huge no-no for me as I felt it dried up my skin and left it feeling uncomfortable, even after trying to salvage with moisturizer afterwards. I have been using this each night as my second step cleanser, which does much better.

The scent is reminds me of delicious, creamy strawberry milkshakes. It really smells good enough to eat. (Don’t!)

After using this for about a week, I felt that I had more breakouts on my face. I stopped using it, thinking the lauric acid was a trigger for me (as I couldn’t find anything I have used that had any significant amounts of lauric acid). After a few weeks of using my regular cleanser, I tried the Missha Latte cleanser again with no issues. My only thought it that I just caught it at a bad time the first go round.

I don’t really feel like it brightens, nourishes, or moisturizes, unfortunately. It’s a decent second step cleanser for the price (cheap as hell), but I’m not sure I would purchase again. I’ll use up what I have and will move on to a different foamy friend.

I give the Missha Strawberry Latte Cleansing Foam 2.5 pomegranates. It was just “meh” and, while I’m thankful it wasn’t actually causing breakouts, I probably wouldn’t repurchase.


You can get your own Missha Strawberry Latte Cleansing Foam on Missha’s US website here.

What’s your favorite foaming cleanser?


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10 thoughts on “Missha Creamy Strawberry Latte Cleansing Foam–Review

  1. Sounds yummy but I would pass on this because it’s mostly filled with chemicals like BHT and parabens. On the plus side it doesn’t have sodium laurel sulfate so that is a good thing..I was surprised. I aim to buy natural and vegan products, which are a bit more but when it comes to your skin (largest organ) it’s definitely worth it.

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    1. I agree that good quality products are a good idea for skin (well… everything!), but I’m not too concerned about cleansers because they are on your face for such a short time that you skin can’t really absorb anything. That’s why if you’re looking to add actives, cleansers won’t really help much. What’s your favorite cleanser that you’ve found? I’d love to give something new a try! 🙂

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