Happy Bath Soapberry Cleansing Foam–Review

Happy Bath Soapberry Cleansing Foam–Review

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Foam cleansers are my weakness. I love frothing up a good cleanser in my hands and feeling the tiny bubbles do their cleaning magic while I give myself a nice facial massage. So when I received a sample of Happy Bath’s Soapberry Cleansing Foam, I was excited!


Happy Bath is a brand of Amore Pacific, one of the big beauty and lifestyle conglomerates of Korea. Besides that, I hadn’t ever really heard of this brand before.

This cleansing wash is formulated with soapberry (yes, it’s a real thing!) which contains saponon, a “surfactant”. This helps to break up dirt and grime for a fresh, clean face. Think of it as a natural detergent for your skin! This cleanser claims to clean deep down into your pores and even to remove makeup. So I put it to the test.

I first tried it in the morning because I wanted to see how my skin reacted.

It is a creamy, white cleanser that foams when you rub your fingers together. You can then start distributing the foam on your skin. It smells very fresh and has hints of botanicals and citrus. Before I even started cleansing my face with it, I was pretty happy. The foam felt wonderful in my hands, the smell was quite pleasant, and you only need the smallest drop of product to work up a nice lather. Unfortunately that’s where this love story ends.

My skin felt tight as I washed my face. I’ve had some cleansers and body washes feel similarly before, but once you rinse, the feeling fades. Not so with the Happy Bath Soapberry Cleansing Foam. As I tried to rinse my face, my fingers would catch on my skin because this cleanser had stripped any moisture. My face felt tight, dry, and uncomfortable. I used all of my deep moisturizing potions that day to counteract this cleanser.

I did try it one more time, with makeup on because I’m a glutton for punishment it’s not fair to only try something once and give it a bad mark. Would it take makeup off like it claims it can? Who knows? I never got that far. I tried to cleanse my face with this product and the same thing happened: tight, dry, “squeaky” (read: bad) feeling. I couldn’t even work it up to my eyes! I just rinsed it off and re-did my cleansing routine.

Bottom line? I’m not sure I’ve hated a cleanser as much as this one. It left me feeling uncomfortable, dry, and I’m pretty sure it caused a breakout afterwards. I’m giving it 1 pomegranate because I did like the smell and the fact that you only need a small amount to work up a nice foam, but that’s about all I can say for this cleanser. It baffles me because there are a number of positive reviews about this product. Some people say they use it every morning. I just don’t see how…! Thankfully there’s a few others that had the same experience as me so maybe it differs on skin types..?


For the sake of fairness, I’ll include a link so that you can try out Happy Bath’s Soapberry Foaming Cleanser for yourself if you’d like. I mean, hey… it may work for you, who knows! If interested you can find this cleanser on Amazon here.

Have you ever tried a product you were dying to get a hold of and were disappointed by the performance?


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12 thoughts on “Happy Bath Soapberry Cleansing Foam–Review

  1. Oh no yazzi 😦 Just the one pomegranate?!?! That’s gotta be a pretty bad experience huni, so sorry you didn’t like it! Doesn’t sound great at all *sigh* Better luck next time – hope your skin is okies now *hugs* XXXX

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    1. I know! So disappointing. I’m actually lounged back right now with a charcoal hydrating sheet mask that will (hopefully) even things out and make my skin happy again! 😉 It wasn’t a great cleanser but I want to share the good and bad too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oooh that’s awful 😦 Gee what a reaction!! Hope the charcoal mask helps get things back on an even keel again huni – good honest review, even if it wasn’t for you, the sincerity is always appreciated huni! XXX


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