Fine print mumbo jumbo:


All views expressed in this blog are my own. If compensated for my views, I will note in the individual post. I will always post my own honest opinions.

I am not a medical professional! Any repercussions from you doing your own facials/treatments/sampling at home is at your own discretion. I also don’t test pH levels like some other Asian beauty bloggers might do. I’m just not that picky about it so I go off of what my skin tells me. If it doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t stick around!

ALL graphics of “Pommie” for The Pretty Pomegranate are property of Daniel S. Evans and are not to be used without permission with or without recognition. Photos and/or content should be linked back to author.

Occasionally, there may be an affiliate link in my posts. Clicking on these links and/or purchasing from these links enables me to better serve you through the blog. Any income supplied from the use of affiliate links is put back into the blog through the use of giveaways, upkeep, etc. I will always state in my posts if I have received a product from a sponsor/brand. All posts are 100% my own opinion. If I have not stated if I have received a product from a sponsor, then I have not.

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