Ellen Tracy Radiant Eye Mask–Review

Ellen Tracy Radiant Eye Mask–Review

Today’s review doesn’t hail from Korea. While it may have taken a cue from Asian beauty strategy, Ellen Tracy has roots in the US. I scored this box of eye masks (4 sets) in TJ Maxx for only about $4. I am a sucker for masks and figured I’d give them a go! There were a few different kinds, but I chose the “Radiance” for the vitamins and antioxidants.

ellen tracy eye patch2

These Ellen Tracy eye masks claim to reduce wrinkles and smooth lines, improve dark circles, and soothe and hydrate tired eyes. The ingredients list was what really sold me on these! They contain chamomile extract, tangerine leaf oil, hyaluronic acid, vitamin K, and other moisturizers. It does also contain fragrance, so if you have sensitivities, please check the ingredients.

The instructions are to remove one pouch (containing one set) from the box and open. After cleansing your face, apply the eye masks to your under eyes. This is a little tricky because there’s six pieces to decipher. The harder, more woven pieces are the protective covers of the soft, almost gooey masks. Be gentle with these! If you aren’t, they can tear, stretch, fold, dry, and otherwise be near totally useless.

The instructions are to keep out of your eyes and they aren’t kidding. I’m so used to most k-beauty eye products being safe for right up to your actual eye that I wasn’t thinking so I placed this way too close to my eye. Avoid this at all costs unless you prefer the burn of a thousand suns. I ended up just removing them, washing my eyes with water, and reapplying them super low on my cheekbones. Fail.

The second time around was much different, thankfully. I made sure to apply them under my eyes, but far enough out of reach that they wouldn’t inadvertently burn my retinas. They have a cooling, slightly tingly sensation once applied and stay put (unless you touch or bump them) so you can do household work, homework, or computer work (so much work!) with them on. After about fifteen to twenty minutes, remove and you’re done!

The results are nice, but not amazing. I didn’t feel like they really hydrated my skin, but the dark circles did seem much lighter and the effects lasted for at least a few days. There’s not much of a smell to them except that generic “cosmetic” smell that most stuff has. This is strange because they actually add fragrance… but why?

I rate the Ellen Tracy Radiant Revitalizing Eye Masks 3.5 pomegranates. I liked the brightening effect, but I’m just so terrified to get anything in my eyes that I have to place them low. I think I’d rather stick to my k-beauty brands that I can place all but actually on my eyeball. Still, a decent buy, and easily found at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.


I scoured the internet looking for a way to buy these online, but I can’t. If you’re interested in purchasing, I’ve seen them numerous times at TJ Maxx either in the beauty section or near the checkout. I’m sure Marshall’s has them as well.

What’s your take on eye masks? Have you tried them?


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