Holiday Haute: My Holiday Skincare & GIVEAWAY!

Holiday Haute: My Holiday Skincare & GIVEAWAY!

This is a collaboration with Avec Valerie, What Julie Says, Everything & Nothin’, Devyn Pearle, and caniputitonmyface. These are all amazing women bloggers and I encourage you to click those links and check out their blogs!

We all have done our interpretation of our best holiday look. We want YOU to show us your best holiday look, too! So please join us on social media with the hashtag #HolidayHaute and show us what YOU do to look your holiday best! ❤

To look my best around this time of year I, of course, focus on how I can switch up my skin care for my changing skin. This time of year, it’s growing colder and darker. I can’t stand being cold so the heat gets turned up and the fire is sparked. But with rising temperatures, the humidity is zapped from the air, causing my skin to dry out. Usually my skin is normal to oily, but in the winter it becomes a lot more dry. Below are products that I like to use to combat dry winter skin to make sure that my skin is #HolidayHaute and I look my best!

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