TonyMoly Panda’s Dream White Hand Cream–Review

TonyMoly Panda’s Dream White Hand Cream–Review

Since reviewing the Tony Moly Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream, I’ve ordered the full size and am still madly in love. If you haven’t seen my review of it yet, please click that link. If you’ve been looking for niacinamide filled PIH zapping goodness, well then… you’re welcome.

Today is all about the hand cream version of this little panda wonder. After trying out the original version you can imagine my excitement to open this one up and slather it all over my hands and arms.

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Goodbye 2015!

Goodbye 2015!

2015 was definitely a whirlwind of a year for me personally. The 2015 Spring semester of college seems like it was ages ago. Some great and likewise not-so-great things happened this year, but I try to continue with the thought that everything happens for a reason.

2015 was also the year that I decided to try blogging. I went into it with the intentions of just having a little place to put my thoughts down, but a few hundred followers later and I’m in awe. I really can’t believe that so many people think that my blog is interesting enough to subscribe to. I’m truly thankful for each one of you and hope that I can make The Pretty Pomegranate even better and brighter in the new year.

I wish you all the very best and will see you in 2016!


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EGLips EZ Quick Makeup Remover–Review

EGLips EZ Quick Makeup Remover–Review

I’ll be honest and say that it wasn’t until recently that I even considered using a separate product to remove my eye makeup. A couple of years ago my routine consisted of one cleanser (quick, rough swipes… eek!) and slapping on whatever moisturizer was cheapest at the drug store.

My, how times have changed.

Now that my makeup stash has been growing and I’ve been enjoying playing with new looks and products, I needed something more to remove my makeup. I’ll admit, I bought this product solely because it wasn’t very expensive. I hadn’t seen too many reviews and really just wanted to throw one in my virtual shopping cart and be done.

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The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer–Review

The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer–Review

I still haven’t found the perfect combination of skin care products that make my skin look and feel flawless. Who knows if that combination is even out there but, until then, I’ll just enjoy the adventure.

While I wait that out, I’m resorting to good quality makeup products to help my skin out a little. Up until recently I had been using a liquid Maybelline concealer. It wasn’t bad, but just not enough to cover blemishes and spots.

After some searching online, I came across The Saem’s Cover Perfection Tip Concealer.

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The Face Shop Mango Seed Glow Date-Prep Butter–Review

The Face Shop Mango Seed Glow Date-Prep Butter–Review

I’m a married lady now. Gone are the days of feigning that I have perfect hair/skin/nails/teeth/personality. Hubby sees me when I first wake up in the morning (before I even realize I have a huge zit on my forehead), he sees me at before we go to bed (pink acne cream dotted across my cheeks), and he sees my when I’m sick (pretending to be Puff the Magic Dragon with tissue stuffed up my nostrils).

But that doesn’t mean I don’t still at least try.

Cue The Face Shop’s Mango Seed Glow Date-Prep Butter. On TFS’s website: “A must-have date-prep butter that delivers moisture and a fair glowing complexion to increase your date’s attraction.”

Ooh, so this magical cream can increase my attraction? I’ll take it! 😉

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Holiday Haute: My Holiday Skincare & GIVEAWAY!

Holiday Haute: My Holiday Skincare & GIVEAWAY!

This is a collaboration with Avec Valerie, What Julie Says, Everything & Nothin’, Devyn Pearle, and caniputitonmyface. These are all amazing women bloggers and I encourage you to click those links and check out their blogs!

We all have done our interpretation of our best holiday look. We want YOU to show us your best holiday look, too! So please join us on social media with the hashtag #HolidayHaute and show us what YOU do to look your holiday best! ❤

To look my best around this time of year I, of course, focus on how I can switch up my skin care for my changing skin. This time of year, it’s growing colder and darker. I can’t stand being cold so the heat gets turned up and the fire is sparked. But with rising temperatures, the humidity is zapped from the air, causing my skin to dry out. Usually my skin is normal to oily, but in the winter it becomes a lot more dry. Below are products that I like to use to combat dry winter skin to make sure that my skin is #HolidayHaute and I look my best!

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Wishlist 2015

Wishlist 2015

We all have a few things on our wishlists this year. We may get a few things, we may not, but the fun is in the wishing.

I remember when I was a kid, I would lay down on the floor with that ten pound JCPenney catalog and write out everything I was interested in. Twelve pages and two hours later, we found out that apparently I wanted everything from new pajamas (in every color) to a bunk bed for just myself. When Christmas came I didn’t get everything I wanted and that was okay. Honestly, I forgot about most everything I wrote down (I thought that was the point of writing it down!), but I still have fond memories of Christmases with my family and every year was always a fun occasion. Read more

Tony Moly Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream–Review

Tony Moly Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream–Review

Oh, pandas. Man, are they cute!

Probably Tony Moly’s most known product is the Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream. Even Urban Outfitters sells it and it’s been cropping up on beauty lists all over the internet. Besides his cute factor, this chubby panda claims to brighten, whiten, and fade hyper-pigmentation.


I received a couple samples of this, which was great because I had been interested in buying it, but was concerned about exactly how “bright” and “white” I would become. Read more

Sheet Mask Marathon Wrap Up & Giveaway!

Sheet Mask Marathon Wrap Up & Giveaway!

Well, this is it. I hope you enjoyed the Sheet Mask Marathon! I put a ton of blood, sweat, and tears into it. I showcased eight different sheet masks types and brands, but there are so, so many more! I hope this has helped you start your journey of sheet masking, if you’re new to it, and maybe find something new if you’ve tried some before.

Here’s links to all of the days if you want to look back on any of them:


Day 1 Etude House Tea Tree

Day 2 Nature Republic Snail Solution

Day 3 Mediheal WHP Charcoal and Mineral

Day 4 Vanedo Marine Algae

Day 5 My Beauty Diary Diamond & Caviar

Day 6 Freeset Donkey Milk Healing

Day 7 Annie’s Way Seaweed

Day 8 Skin Factory Real Honey Ampoule

If I had to choose a favorite, it would probably be the Mediheal WHP Charcoal and Mineral mask that was featured on Day 3. I have since bought a whole other stash of just these to rescue me when my skin is dull, dry, and flaring up. Love them!!

Now, the fun part…

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