Sheet Mask Marathon Wrap Up & Giveaway!

Sheet Mask Marathon Wrap Up & Giveaway!

Well, this is it. I hope you enjoyed the Sheet Mask Marathon! I put a ton of blood, sweat, and tears into it. I showcased eight different sheet masks types and brands, but there are so, so many more! I hope this has helped you start your journey of sheet masking, if you’re new to it, and maybe find something new if you’ve tried some before.

Here’s links to all of the days if you want to look back on any of them:


Day 1 Etude House Tea Tree

Day 2 Nature Republic Snail Solution

Day 3 Mediheal WHP Charcoal and Mineral

Day 4 Vanedo Marine Algae

Day 5 My Beauty Diary Diamond & Caviar

Day 6 Freeset Donkey Milk Healing

Day 7 Annie’s Way Seaweed

Day 8 Skin Factory Real Honey Ampoule

If I had to choose a favorite, it would probably be the Mediheal WHP Charcoal and Mineral mask that was featured on Day 3. I have since bought a whole other stash of just these to rescue me when my skin is dull, dry, and flaring up. Love them!!

Now, the fun part…

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Sheet Mask Marathon Day 6–Freeset Donkey Milk Healing

Sheet Mask Marathon Day 6–Freeset Donkey Milk Healing

Welcome to day six of my Sheet Mask Marathon! To get a better idea (if you don’t know what’s going on), check out my intro post here. After reading that, or if you missed anything, check out the previous days here:

Day 1 (featuring Etude House Tea Tree),

Day 2 (featuring Nature Republic Snail),

Day 3 (featuring Mediheal WHP Charcoal and Mineral),

Day 4 (featuring Vandeo Marine Algae)

and Day 5 (featuring My Beauty Diary Diamond & Caviar).

Day 6 is all about donkey milk. Yes, I said it. If you thought snail mucin, bee venom, and starfish was weird… well, then I have another thing for you. Donkey milk is one of the more recent (but not entirely brand new) innovations in Asian skincare. It’s known to be rich in proteins, have a lot more vitamin C than cow’s milk, and is soothing for those with trouble skin. Because of these ingredients, donkey milk boosts skin regeneration and helps to improve wrinkles.

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