Rodan & Fields: Microdermabrasion Paste

Rodan & Fields: Microdermabrasion Paste

For the next two posts, I’ll be doing reviews on three Rodan and Fields products that I was able to sample recently.

The Microdermabrasion Paste is in a little packet, but the full size is sold in a 125mL tub. Microdermabrasion, itself, is an exfoliation treatment that uses fine crystals, a diamond tipped piece of equipment, or other such method to remove the dead skin cells from your skin. Exfoliation is a key method to rejuvenating skin and helping the cell turnover process along.


For application, it says to use the whole packet on a dry face. Gently massage the paste onto skin for 30-60 seconds then rinse well and finish with your usual routine.

I was half excited and half nervous to use this product initially. Microdermabrasion is usually done at an aesthetics office, spa, etc, but here I have a paste in my hands that is saying it will give me amazing enough exfoliation to call itself “Microdermabrasion Paste”. Would it really work?

The ingredients list is a maze of confusion, honestly. I’m so used to Asian beauty products that are more clear cut about what’s in it. I did do some research (ahem… Googling) and see that there’s types of salt, sugar, and oils included as well as Vitamin E and C.

I used this at night so that if something happened, I didn’t have to head out the door to work. I did my double cleanse, then patted my face dry and tore open the microderm packet. Let’s be honest, here, this stuff doesn’t smell good. I can’t really describe it, but it’s not good. It doesn’t stick around after you rinse your face, but while you’re using it, it’s pretty cruddy.

It’s much thicker than I thought it would be, but once you start to massage it onto your skin, it warms up and starts to smooth out. The packet says to use the entire thing, but I really only used about half (maybe a third?) because I had plenty on my face.

The consistency is a little scary. It’s a smooth paste but with chunks of sugar and salt that helps to sloth off the dead skin. This can make it painful if you actually try to scrub, so just gently massage. If the chunks become too much or if you have sensitive skin, the directions say that you can add a little bit of water to help smooth it out. I figured that I would go the full monty and massage dry and for the full 60 seconds.

During application, my face became pink and warm. It made me a little nervous, but I wanted to see the full affect since I didn’t have much product. After rinsing, my face was a deep pink (like how I would after an intensive facial at the spa) so I rinsed with cool water to sooth it. I finished my night time routine with my Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence since the snail calms my skin.

For about 15-20 minutes afterwards, my face felt flushed and warm, but that (thankfully) dissipated quickly. The results? I don’t think my skin was this smooth when I was born. It helped smooth out my skin, erase those pesky tiny pimples, and slightly even my skin tone.


Was it worth the smell, the grit, and the flushed skin? Absolutely yes! My skin felt smooth, healthy, and even moisturized because of the oils. I couldn’t stop touching my face (with my clean hands!) because it was just so smooth. I did notice that after a couple of days, I needed to do it again so this would probably be great as a twice a week treatment, but I wouldn’t do it in the morning due to redness.

I give Rodan and Fields’ Microdermabrasion Paste 4 pomegranates. I didn’t like the smell and the flushed, warm feeling was a little uncomfortable, but besides that, I really think it’s great.


I received these samples in exchange for an honest review from Naznin, a Rodan and Fields Independent Consultant. You can look at Rodan And Fields’ website hereΒ and find the Microdermabrasion Paste here, but I encourage you to reach out to Naznin via email (, Facebook here, or on Twitter here. She can get you deals, samples, and a consultation to see what products might be a good fit for you.

Have you ever tried any Rodan and Fields products?


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