Hair Oils: Tresemme vs. Moroccan Oil

Hair Oils: Tresemme vs. Moroccan Oil

I have fine hair that can get dry and frizzy. It’s not a great look in the Winter or Summer. I used to just throw my hair into a ponytail or bun when I didn’t want to deal with it (often), but I’ve been trying to be nicer to my hair.

I started experimenting with hair oils to see what would make my hair happy. I knew it would be tough because I needed something that would add shine and control frizz, but wouldn’t weigh down my delicate hair.

The first hair oil I tried was by Tresemme, but you’ll soon see why I ditched that (well, after I diligently and reluctantly finished the bottle) and found my new love: Moroccan Oil. Oops! I gave away the surprise! 😉

tresemme vs moroccan oil hair oils

Tresemme Smooth & Silky No Frizz Shine Spray: Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad hair oil at all. It just weighs my hair down if I happen to spray too much or don’t spray it evenly enough, making it a little difficult to work with. In fact, the spray top starting malfunctioning about halfway through the bottle, causing my hands to get covered with oil with each use. It also contains alcohol which I don’t particularly love.

Moroccan Oil Frizz Control Spray: This spray says that it’s suitable for colored hair and well as being sulfate, paraben, and phosphate free. It contains argan oil and Vitamin E which are great for healthy, smooth hair. Plus, it smells amazing! The bottle is a sturdy glass (unlike Tresemme’s plastic) and it sprays a nice mist of oil which makes it super easy to apply. The formula is really light weight so I don’t have to be extra careful avoiding my roots.

The winner? Of course it’s Moroccan Oil! I already bought my “back up bottle”, but really just don’t need to use but a few sprays. It’s pricier than Tresemme, but I think it’s worth it!

To buy Tresemme’s Smooth & Silky No Frizz Shine Spray, you can visit their website here (it includes retailers that carry it). To purchase Moroccan Oil’s Frizz Control Spray, you can visit their website here or go to Amazon here.

How do you keep your hair under control?


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