Hairkop Obliphica Treatment Hair Serum–Review

Hairkop Obliphica Treatment Hair Serum–Review

I realized that I haven’t reviewed many hair products on my blog. It may be because I have my own not-so-great routine that I use and, if that doesn’t work, then I throw my hair into a bun and go.

I received a sample of Hairkop’s Obliphica Treatment Hair Serum from a giveaway that I won and I knew I needed to review it on The Pretty Pomegranate.

Hairkop Essence Hair Serum

Since I haven’t done much in the hair department on the blog, let me tell you my hair type. I have a lot of fine, wavy hair. It gets oily at the scalp easily, but will become dry and frizzy at the bottom in a flash. Tis makes for an interesting battle trying to de-slick my roots and hydrated my ends.

Here is what Amazon has to say about this hair serum:

“A unique serum produced from the Obliphica (aka Sea Buckthorn, Sallow Thorn) fruit, traditionally known for its wonderful healing effect on hair and skin. Rich in many vitamins, carotenoids (alfa and beta-carotene) and with an especially large proportion of vitamin E, Obliphica Serum restores damaged hair, brings back the luster to your hair and makes combing a breeze. It will protect hair structure from free radicals and fulfill the needs of malnourished, depleted hair and unbalanced scalps. Recommended daily use, before or after blow-drying, on damp or dry hair. The effect of using Obliphica hair serum is proven – and immediate. “

I used this in the morning before work (on dry hair) when my hair was being particularly unruly. I put a little between my hands, rubbed them together to warm the oil, and combed through my ends. I then grabbed my brush and gently brushed it through my hair. Since I avoided my roots, it didn’t cause any extra oiliness and my hair was incredibly smooth and silky for the whole day.

I also tried this at night. I took a shower and rinsed my hair with cool water instead of hot. Afterwards, I towel dried my hair, gently combed some of the hair serum through from roots to tip, and gathered into a loose bun on top of my head. I slept with my hair like this for it to absorb moisture and the next morning my hair was the softest it’s ever been.

After using this every other day for about two weeks, I have gotten compliments on how shiny and healthy my hair looks. I would love to use this serum every day to keep my hair soft and shiny! Plus the smell is very light and refreshing.

I give the Hairkop Obliphica Treatment Hair Serum 4 pomegranates. I love that it keeps my hair shiny and soft, plus the scent is great, but I think I will keep searching for that “perfect” hair treatment. You know I love trying new things!


To get your own bottle of Hairkop’s Obliphica Treatment Hair Serum, you can find it on Amazon here or on Ebay here.

What do you love to use to keep your hair gorgeous?


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    1. I don’t. 😦 I haven’t started into Vitamin C serums yet because I’ve been trying to get my “basics” down. It’s definitely on my list, though! Keep an eye out because as I try them in the future, I’ll definitely be doing reviews. 😉

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