Tony Moly Red Appletox Honey Cream–Review

Tony Moly Red Appletox Honey Cream–Review

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Fall is the perfect time for apples. Apple pie, apple cider, apple donuts… I’m making myself hungry!

We may be only a few short weeks away from December, but apples are still very much a part of the season. So Tony Moly’s Apple Detox Honey Cream was a perfect addition to my routine for a short time.


By now, most people have heard of Tony Moly. If you think you haven’t, you’ve probably at least seen some of their products. They are most well known for their cute, inventive packaging. Fashion editor Dave Lackie included three Tony Moly products in his 17 Beauty Stocking Stuffers list!

This adorably packaged cream claims to improve elasticity and provide hydration for the skin. I came across a few samples of this to try, but here’s a photo (courtesy of Tony Moly) of the full size in all it’s red apple glory. The top twists off to reveal the product in the bottom half.


The ingredients list looks nice. It contains quite a few moisturizing ingredients as well as actually apple! Propolis is a product of bees used in their hives as a “glue” for structures. It’s used quite often in skin care products to help with inflammation, acne, and other skin ailments. Manuka honey from New Zealand provides and antibacterial boost for the skin. Honey, in general, helps to provide moisture as well as beneficial minerals. The apple ingredient has natural exfoliating AHAs, but possibly not as much as an actual AHA product. Still nice, though! The ingredients list is rounded up with some ginko biloba extract, sunflower oil, and fragrance (among other things).

I tested this out in my night routine (par for the course). It should be used after your treatments in your skincare routine, as the last step. Because of the natural apple AHAs, it’s suggested to use every two or three days instead of daily. The appearance is yellowish like honey and the texture is similar to honey as well. It’s thick and sticky, but not quite as thick as pure honey would be. It smells amazing. I wish my life could smell like this cream and I’m not even kidding. It smells like a freshly cut apple. It’s not a fake, manufactured scent, but honestly like how a fresh apple smells… just a little stronger.

The application was odd the first time I used it. Because of the thickness, I think I used a little too much as it’s supposed to absorb into the skin, but my face felt sticky after a good 45 minutes. Thankfully, the following uses, I tried a little less product and it did sink into my skin nicely. The actual application is very smooth, though you wouldn’t think that from the texture right out of the pack. When the product hits your skin, it starts to soften so it glides over your face like butter.

After a few uses, I found that I really do like this cream. It’s smooth, it smells great, and it did make my skin look more healthy overall. It didn’t seem to deliver all of the hydration I really needed at the time. Maybe because I had just had a pretty intense facial and needed more hydration than I normally do, but my cheeks just needed more. Because of that, I would recommend this for those with oil to normal skin as it may not deliver enough moisture for those with dry skin. I may buy the full size of this for next summer when I don’t need as much moisture.

I give the Tony Moly Red Appletox Honey Cream 4 pomegranates.


You can find this adorable cream on Amazon here or on Beautynet Korea here.

What Fall related products have you been trying this season?


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16 thoughts on “Tony Moly Red Appletox Honey Cream–Review

      1. I have one of their bunny lip balms and I absolutely love it. I blot it after smearing it on, and that way, it really softens my lips and gives them just that hint of color I need. If I don’t blot, most of the product sits on top and accentuates the dryness.
        There are always a few auctions on eBay, you might get lucky. 🙂

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  1. I finished the Tony Moly peach hand cream last month and I was really skeptical at first because of the cutesy packaging, but it was actually a really good hand cream. I didn’t know there is an apple one – I must try this one too! I love apple scented stuff.

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      1. I found out that our major dept store (it’s the Canadian equivalent of Macy’s) sells Tony Moly stuff! I posted it on IG… they have both the peach cream and the apple cream (thanks for clarifying that it’s for the face – DUH). I didn’t check the prices but I’m sure it’s overpriced. They also carry the Panda under eye thing and banana lipgloss (smells so good).


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