Sheet Mask Marathon Day 6–Freeset Donkey Milk Healing

Sheet Mask Marathon Day 6–Freeset Donkey Milk Healing

Welcome to day six of my Sheet Mask Marathon! To get a better idea (if you don’t know what’s going on), check out my intro post here. After reading that, or if you missed anything, check out the previous days here:

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and Day 5 (featuring My Beauty Diary Diamond & Caviar).

Day 6 is all about donkey milk. Yes, I said it. If you thought snail mucin, bee venom, and starfish was weird… well, then I have another thing for you. Donkey milk is one of the more recent (but not entirely brand new) innovations in Asian skincare. It’s known to be rich in proteins, have a lot more vitamin C than cow’s milk, and is soothing for those with trouble skin. Because of these ingredients, donkey milk boosts skin regeneration and helps to improve wrinkles.


For the purpose of this post I’ll be reviewing the Freeset Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask Pack Healing. The cool thing about this mask is that, unlike typical sheet masks, this is a hydrogel mask. This one is pretty unique in that’s it’s a combo of sheet mask and hydrogel because it has the gel, but also a mesh layer that holds all of that goodness together.

What it does: This mask is great for “troubled skin”. So if you’ve got acne popping up, redness, etc, then this bad boy should help you out. Plus, the donkey milk delivers some serious hydration.

Ingredients: There’s a long list of botanical ingredients (something I love) including licorice root extract, witch hazel, lavender, rosemary, peppermint, and lime. Donkey milk isn’t too far down the list, making this a great quality mask ingredients-wise.

The fit: The fit, in general, wasn’t bad for a sheet mask. The mouth was a bit small for me making it impossible to talk, sip tea, or otherwise open my trap. I also found that, due to the slipperiness of the hydrogel and the sheer amount of essence, it would slide a little if I wasn’t careful. So I decided to sit back, relax, drink some tea, and watch tv.

freeset DM

The smell: It smelled nice, in my opinion. You really get a whiff of all those botanical ingredients, which some people don’t particularly like, but I enjoy. I didn’t really smell the “recognizable” stuff like lavender, peppermint, or mint. But that’s okay with me.

The rating: I don’t think I’ve ever been in love with a sheet mask before, but it’s okay because this one is a hydrogel, right? The results were great! I used it when I had some acne starting to flare up (including cystic) and the next day everything was calmed and on its way out. The bonus is that all the angry redness I usually have while patiently waiting for my acne to go was gone as well. My skin was smooth, hydrated, and super happy. This is definitely a rebuy! I rate the Freeset Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask Pack Healing 4.5 pomegranates. I’m taking .5 off because of the sliding and inability to talk/drink (although Hubby enjoyed about 45 minutes of quiet…).


You can get your own Freeset Donkey Milk mask on Memebox here. Psst! If you’re new to Memebox and want 20% off $20 or more, you can use my referral link here.

Stick around for Day 6 tomorrow! You just might find yourself singing “Under The Sea”.


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19 thoughts on “Sheet Mask Marathon Day 6–Freeset Donkey Milk Healing

  1. Hmmm. Donkey milk vs Snail “stuff”. Which one sounds more yummy? Actually, it sounds like a really interesting mask, especially since you got results. I find masks don’t deliver too often. Some are quite hydrating and I love that about them but when they say brightening and I whip them off and there’s no magic, I’m always bummed. You inspired me to go pick a mask from my mask bowl (yes, I have a mask bowl, LOL) to wear while I read everyone’s blog this AM. Hmmmm, what shall I pick!?

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  2. I am starting to learn so many natural ingredients that they use in sheet masks through your blog and what a great way to explore the natural ingredients that we have hardly ever heard of it before and it sounds amazing how a simple natural ingredient can able to give an outstanding awesome result right at the end. Brilliant job Yazzi.

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  3. Uh “donkey milk” is really off putting… BUT I’ve been wanting to try a hydrogel mask for ages (but they’re kind of pricey for single use products) It looks SO smooth on your face though! You kept this on for 45 mins? Wow…


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