Sheet Mask Marathon Day 5: My Beauty Diary Diamond & Caviar

Sheet Mask Marathon Day 5: My Beauty Diary Diamond & Caviar

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Welcome to day four of my Sheet Mask Marathon! For an intro to what’s going on (or a quick recap), head on over to the beginning post here. After that, check out:

Day 1 (featuring Etude House Tea Tree),

Day 2 (featuring Nature Republic Snail),

Day 3 (featuring Mediheal WHP Charcoal and Mineral),

and Day 4 (featuring Vandeo Marine Algae).

Day 4 is about this My Beauty Diary Diamond & Caviar Moisturizing Mask. My Beauty Diary is actually a Taiwanese brand, but they are one of the most popular brands for sheet masks, especially in China, Taiwan, and overseas. They are affordable and good quality. I specifically chose this mask because it’s a two piece mask (like a bikini except not as attractive). Two piece masks have a top, that goes from your forehead to your nose, and a bottom that covers from your nose to your chin/jawline. This particular mask goes down your neck and has holes so you can loop it around your ears. So. Weird.

I knew I had to try it!

mbd dia cav1  mbd dia cav2

What it does: I had such a hard time finding information about this specific sheet mask. Other MBD masks? Hordes of info, reviews, and photos. This one? Zilch. The two words that came up most often were “moisturizing” and “lifting”. We’ll go with that.

Ingredients: Because there’s not much information out there and I can’t read anything but English (and identify a few Hiragana characters, which doesn’t matter in this case), I was kind of stuck. The best I could find was “sparkling diamond particle molecules” and “rare caviar”. I did find sodium hyaluronate (hydration), trehalose (hydration), and mallow (anti-inflammatory).

The fit: I applied the top part on first and was giddy with excitement because I don’t think a sheet mask had ever laid completely flat on my face. The eye holes were perfect and the only thing I would change about the top was that the nose slits needed to be cut further up. Then I grabbed the bottom portion and the giddiness evaporated. First off, let me explain that this was the first time I had ever tried a two part mask (yay for blogging adventures!), so I was laughing hysterically in my bathroom late at night. I tried my hardest to get everything to lay flat, but with how it was wrapped around my ears, it just wasn’t happening. Everything was sufficiently covered, though, so I strapped my self in (my jokes are hilarious) and laid down to watch some of my shows. PS: Hubby said I looked like a burn victim (no offense to actual burn victims, of course).

mbd collage

The smell: It smelled nice–light and floral almost. It was very clean and not overpowering.

The rating: Despite the odd look and the slight uncomfortableness around my ears (is my head that big…?!), I really liked this mask. Because the top fit so well and the bottom was attached to my head, I didn’t have to worry about anything possibly sliding off. It was soaked in essence, as all MBD masks are, and smelled very fresh. Immediately after taking it off, my skin was soft and plump. The next day I couldn’t stop touching my neck because it was so soft and hydrated! I give My Beauty Diary’s Diamond & Caviar Moisturizing Mask 4.5 pomegranates (minus .5 for the tight fit around the ears).


This mask was in a random Ebay order from months ago so, unfortunately, I can’t locate anywhere to buy it online. But if you’d like to try out My Beauty Diary (which you should!), you can find their Top Selling box set on Amazon here. I have used this set and it’s amazing and a great deal!

Stick around fro day 6 of the marathon tomorrow! Hint: It may get a little hairy.


9 thoughts on “Sheet Mask Marathon Day 5: My Beauty Diary Diamond & Caviar

  1. haha, interesting post with the bikini mask~
    I am a Taiwanese and I’ll say I do realize there are not a lot of English information about the product, which came as a big surprise to me, as it’s really a hit oversea with its price and good quality!
    I’d guess they have the mask to the ear, it’s cos it’s a “lifting” mask which mean to tightening your skin, lifting those loose one higher while soothing moisturizing your skin….an Asian thinking mind, ha.

    Glad you enjoyed it! My fav one is their Natto ones, very moisturize, and I can’t stop touching my skin the next day as well, lol

    x Tiff


  2. I haven’t tried any masks with the around the ear piece and I’d imagine it would be really snug! I have a huge head so it might be a tad uncomfortable too! The SO always has comments whenever I have a mask on – they’re just jealous! 😛 But I can’t wait to try something like this soon. Thanks for this review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This was my first experience with the ear loops too! They pulled some but out really didn’t hurt and once I took the mask off, my ears are fine. So it was really just uncomfortable and not painful. You could always probably just cut the ear holes and lay down so the mask doesn’t fall off. 😉 Yeah, hubby usually has some comments but he was definitely surprised by this one! Hahaha

      Liked by 1 person

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