Sheet Mask Marathon Day 4-Vanedo Marine Algae

Sheet Mask Marathon Day 4-Vanedo Marine Algae

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Welcome to day four of my Sheet Mask Marathon! If you’re a little behind (or just need a recap), check out the intro post here which explains what this week is about. After that, check out:

Day 1 (featuring Etude House Tea Tree),

Day 2 (featuring Nature Republic Snail Solution),

and Day 3 (featuring Mediheal WHP Charcoal and Mineral).

Day 4 is all about Vanedo. The whole name is actually Vanedo Beauty Friends Marine Algae. I wasn’t looking for any particular skin benefits when I reached for this mask. I just thought that marine algae sounded nice. 😉


What it does: I couldn’t find any definitive source that stated what the claims are for this sheet mask except for it “rejuvenates sensitive skin while it cleans and moisturizes”.

Ingredients: It does contain moisturizers and Portulaca Oleracea Extract which is, apparently, a succulent that can have anti-inflammatory and/or analgesic properties. There are preservatives and possible irritants so be sure to check more thoroughly for any possible triggers.

The fit: This mask is one of the cheaper alternatives for sheet masks and it reflects that in a few aspects, unfortunately. The cotton is really thick not allowing it to conform to the face evenly. It’s also a little rougher compared to some of the silkier masks.


The smell: The smell is hard to describe. It’s like a fresh scent, but overpowering. Not the worst scent in the world, but a little strong for my liking. The essence has added fragrance so I wonder if that’s what I’m smelling but can’t pinpoint.

The rating: This wasn’t one of my top picks. The thick mask was a little awkward to keep on my face and the smell was just a little too strong. I didn’t see much of a difference in my skin except for a little added moisture. I rate the Vanedo Beauty Friends Marine Algae 2.5 pomegranates. It’s decent for a beginner, cheaper sheet mask option. But now that I’ve tested the waters in some other brands, Vandeo may not be one I come back to.


To try out Vanedo’s Marine Algae sheet mask yourself, check out Amazon here.

Check back tomorrow for the sheet mask pick for Day 5! Hint: It’s going to get really fancy!


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8 thoughts on “Sheet Mask Marathon Day 4-Vanedo Marine Algae

  1. Oh yeah I’ve had masks before that use thicker cotton paper and as you said, they don’t conform to the face very well. Too bad! But if this was really cheap, I could see it being a good option for some.
    Fancy tomorrow… have you seen those LACE sheet masks? It’s for real and very fancy:

    Don’t know what the benefits really are… except that you look pretty while sporting a sheet mask?

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