Sheet Mask Marathon Day 2: Nature Republic Snail

Sheet Mask Marathon Day 2: Nature Republic Snail

Welcome to day two of my Sheet Mask Marathon! If you aren’t up to date, you can check out my intro post here and also day one, which highlighted Etude House’s Tea Tree mask.

Let’s get started!

Today is all about the snail. If you haven’t already delved into the k-beauty world, then you may not have heard of snail as a beauty ingredient orrr… you have and thought “gross!”. But before marking it off as atrocious, think about the science behind it. First off, the snail ingredient isn’t actually smushed up snails so you can rest easy. It’s actually their mucin or “slime”. Second, the “slime” that is used in cosmetics is a slime that snails secrete to aid themselves in cell regeneration, healing, and hydration. Now think about what you want your skincare to do: aid in cell regeneration, healing, and hydration. Studies have shown that pure snail mucin does significantly reduce wrinkles and aging, but (as far as I’ve found) there’s no conclusive evidence as to how it works when used in a product. I just let my skin speak for itself. 😉


The sheet mask I chose for day two of my Sheet Mask Marathon is the Nature Republic Snail Solution mask. This was, admittedly, the first Nature Republic sheet mask I’ve tried, but I was pleased with it. The packaging is fresh and I prefer the matte finish to the typical shiny.

What it does: Snail “slime” is meant to help with signs of aging–wrinkles, dull skin, etc. But I’ve found, as have others on the internet, that it helps with acne, scars, and hyper-pigmentation.

Ingredients: In addition to snail secretion filtrate (SSF), it contains lavender, aloe, cucumber, and witch hazel.

The fit: It fit pretty well. I still had to bunch up a few places near my temples and on my chin to smooth the mask out, but the overall fit was good.

nature republic snail

The feel: Probably because of the SSF and aloe, this essence was much thicker than a lot of other masks, but my skin soaked it up! It was also very cooling and refreshing which was lovely.

The smell: It didn’t smell perfumey, but more like sweet botanicals. It was very fresh and clean.

Rating: I really liked that the mask fit well and the scent was refreshing. My skin also absorbed a lot of the essence quickly so it must have needed it! The next day, my skin was brighter and with less hyper-pigmentation overall. I didn’t notice a huge difference in acne but, from my experience, you need to use a snail mask fairly regularly to see noticable results in the acne department. The thing I didn’t like was that my skin felt sticky afterwards so this would only be a night time mask. I give the Nature Republic Snail Solution sheet mask 4 pomegranates.


You can find the Nature Republic Snail Solution mask from a trusted seller on Ebay here.

Thanks for reading day 2 of my Sheet Mask Marathon! Stick around tomorrow to see what day 3 brings. Hint: It has purifying properties!


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14 thoughts on “Sheet Mask Marathon Day 2: Nature Republic Snail

  1. I recently started using the Mizon Snail gel cream… I’m still undecided on it. Not at all slimy but I’m not sure if it’s doing anything for my skin?
    I can see this mask fits your face better than yesterday’s! I’ve seen this particular mask mentioned a few times before – I’m going to look into it!
    A suggestion? Can you include where you bought the masks and how much they cost per mask in your information? Thank you! 🙂

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    1. I’ve heard the Mizon snail cream is hit or miss for a lot of people, that’s why I haven’t tried it before. My mom uses the eye cream though and it’s become her holy grail product. I like to stick to sheet masks with snail for a boost (it seems to help inflammation and acne for me). I did buy the Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence, though, which I’m excited about! I haven’t tried it, but I hope it becomes a HG for me. 😉
      I’ve tried to include links to where to buy the masks for each day. As of writing this, I couldn’t find them again, but I’ve edited the post to include the link so thanks for the suggestion! I’m wary about adding prices in my posts, because I buy from Ebay and Amazon a lot and prices fluctuate sometimes. But you should see at least one link to where to buy each mask for each day. 🙂

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      1. Definitely! I haven’t started using it yet (trying to whittle my stash down a little more before opening a new product) and I also want to use it for a little while before posting so it might be a month or two before I do, but I definitely will! 😉

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