Sheet Mask Marathon Day 1: Etude House Tea Tree Oil

Sheet Mask Marathon Day 1: Etude House Tea Tree Oil

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Whoo hoo! Day 1 of my Sheet Mask Marathon. I’ll be highlighting some sheet masks that I’ve used during this week to show some of the many different options you have for sheet masks. For info about what’s going on, read my  intro here.

Etude House is a Korean brand that markets skincare products as well as makeup and even some accessories. They specialize in cute and pretty packaging. I’ve read that their demographic is more geared towards teens and young women, but I feel like a lot of women enjoy the princess feel from time to time.


What it does: This specific mask is Etude House’s I Need You! Tea Tree sheet mask. Their I Need You! line actually contains a sheet mask for every letter of the English alphabet which is a pretty neat idea. I chose the tea tree version because I suffer from occasional breakouts and hormonal acne and tea tree is well known for helping to combat those pesky spots.

Ingredients: Grapefruit extract is pretty high on the list, which surprised me. Castor oil and tea tree extract aren’t too far behind. Many of Etude House’s I Need You! line contains botanical extracts such as camellia, honeysuckle, peach, and ginko biloba extracts. I like botanical skincare because I usually find them quite refreshing.

The fit: The fit was a little awkward for me. The eye holes were just too small. I tried to adjust them over and over, but eventually gave up and slightly tore the inner corners. After that, no troubles. I did feel like it would’ve been nice if the slits had been cut deeper for a better fit, but it wasn’t too bad.

etude house sm

The feel: I liked how this mask felt on my skin. The essence wasn’t too thin, but not overly thick either. After I took the mask off, I felt moisturized and not sticky at all.

The smell: To be honest, I was pretty disappointed that it didn’t really smell like tea tree oil. I have an Elf primer with tea tree oil that has a pretty strong smell, but this mask? Not much. It did smell clean, though.

Rating: I used this mask on a night when I could see and feel a breakout emerging. The next morning, the spots were either half the size or gone. I was actually very pleased with this mask! Plus, you can get these for around a dollar on Etude House’s website, so it’s a great value in my opinion. I just wish the fit was better. I give Etude House’s I Need You! Tea Tree sheet mask 4 pomegranates.


As mentioned, you can find this mask and others, on Etude House’s website here or on Amazon here.

Thanks for reading and stick around for the continuation of the Sheet Mask Marathon tomorrow! Hint: It may get slimy. 😉


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23 thoughts on “Sheet Mask Marathon Day 1: Etude House Tea Tree Oil

  1. I’ve never tried any Etude house products but I’m really drawn to their packaging – SO cute! Actually for me, the lack of tea tree oil is a plus… don’t really like the smell of it! >< I can't believe they have a mask for every alphabet!

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    1. I looove Etude House’s product packaging! And their motto is “Let Your Pink Out”. So cute! Yeah, I’ve found that with teat tree oil, people either love or hate the smell. I feel like “if I can smell it, it’s working” (haha!). I want to try the I Need You Vitamin mask because so, so many people say that they love it and it’s just as good as more expensive brands. Next time! 😉


    1. They’re so nice! Even if all you get is hydration, they are worth it! They are so refreshing and most are quite cheap (US stores seem to inflate the prices, though). Hopefully you’ll see some masks on here that you might want to try! 😉


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