Sheet Mask Marathon: Begin!

Sheet Mask Marathon: Begin!


I’ve been planning this week for quite some time and I’m so excited that it’s finally here! I feel like sheet masks are all so similar to each other that I don’t feel that a bunch of individual reviews are necessary. That’s why I hardly ever review just sheet masks, but they deserve their time in the limelight. It was after this thought that my Sheet Mask Marathon was born and I decided to devote a week to sheet masks! I’ll be looking at just a few types of sheet masks, brands, and ingredients.

Photo courtesy of Charlotte Cho’s The Klog


Sheet masks hail from Korea where they first grew popularity. They’ve since come to the West where even celebrities are posting selfies using their favorite sheet masks (see Lady Gaga and Demi Moore below). Most of these masks are cotton sheets packed in essence, but there are many different types popping up now that could still be considered sheet mask: hydrogel, bio-cellular, and more. There’s even masks for your neck, hands, and feet. Seriously!

I haven’t tried all of these cool mask types, but I did want to share my experiences with some different types and brands. For the most part, a lot of the sheet masks are the same. They brighten, hydrate, and tighten skin. The biggest differences in “flavors” would be that I almost always have the best results with snail masks. Yes, snail might gross some people out, but there’s really no weird smells or textures. But more on that later. 😉

The details:

The jist of the directions are to cleanse your face first, apply your toner, then take the mask out of the pack (being careful not to spill essence all over the counter top!), then place on your face. I find it’s easier to align the eyes first then work my way out to smooth everything. The point is to try and get as much of the mask flat against your skin as possible so that essence is right up against your skin. After 20-30 minutes, take the mask off, don’t rinse unless the directions specifically say to, then continue with your regimen. If there’s essence leftover, you can use that on your neck, chest, arms, legs, and hands. You can use them day or night, but I usually use mine at night.

As for the time… Most directions say 20-30 minutes. Some people leave their’s on until it’s mostly dry, others say that too much moisture clogs pores. I tried to research to see the best method and it seems everyone is divided. I, personally, will leave them on for anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour or so because I feel that taking it off beforehand wastes precious essence that could be on my skin (it’s still wet after 20 minutes!). Do what is best for you! If you find that leaving it on for an hour clogs your pores, makes your skin more oily afterwards, or is just plain boring, then take it off before. If you want to sleep in your masks and your skin does just fine and dandy like this, then do that. Just play with it and see what works for you.

Photo courtesy of Lady Gaga’s Instagram


So why are sheet masks so amazing? The formulations are slightly different between each sheet mask, but they all aim to hydrate and deliver powerful ingredients to supercharge your skincare regimen. Sheet masks are a great boost because, by leaving the mask on, the essence is able to more efficiently absorb into your skin. But this doesn’t replace your usual concoctions. Sheet masks are designed as an extra powerful punch. You can use them as often or as little as you want. I use a sheet mask maybe twice a week. Some people use one everyday and others maybe once every other week. Again, play with it and see what you like. 🙂

So, for the next eight days I’ll post a review of a different sheet mask that I’ve tried each day. Hopefully you’ll learn more about sheet masks and may even want to try some for yourself! I hope you enjoy this exciting week and be sure to check back each day to see what’s new!

I also want to add that you should be aware that some not so pretty pictures are about to pop up. I typically use sheet masks at night and, while no one looks glamorous in a sheet mask, I have some pretty wild “baby” hairs in some of these photos. Bear with me!

*Disclaimer: None of these products are endorsed or promoted by the respective brands. All opinions are my own and are products that I purchased myself.

Featured image courtesy of japanistas.


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22 thoughts on “Sheet Mask Marathon: Begin!

      1. That sucks. Yeah, Tony Moly doesn’t have great sheet masks (imho). There’s a snail mask I tried that I feature in this series that I really liked. Also, I’ve found that ingredients like niacinamide and herbal/botanical ingredients help to brighten. There’s a mask that I feature later this week, too, that I loooooved because my skin was so much brighter, less inflamed from acne, and overall more hydrated. Look for the “WHP” mask. 😉 As far as price, I skip US stores because the markup is absolutely insane. I opt for sellers on Ebay, Beautynet Korea, Amazon, and/or Memebox although there’s quite a few others online stores that are great. Hope that helped!!


    1. Exactly! I feel like every skin needs somethign different. I have some masks that I leave on for an hour or so and some that I take off after about 25-30 minutes. It just depends on the mask and your skin/preferences. 😉 What masks are your favorites?


      1. I love My Beauty Diary as well! You should check out the one that just came out today. It’s the MBD diamond and caviar. I haven’t gotten to try the Innisfree masks yet but I’ve heard good things!


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