TonyMoly Timeless Ferment Snail Cream

TonyMoly Timeless Ferment Snail Cream

If it’s got snails, I want it on my face. In one short year I’ve gone from thinking snails were gross, to loving just about any snail skincare product and thinking they’re actually kind of adorable. Weird, right?

I got a few samples of TonyMoly’s Timeless Ferment Snail Cream in the mail a few weeks back and put it on my “must try” list. TonyMoly is more well known for their cute products like this adorable panda or these irresistible hand creams. This snail cream, however, is a different side of TonyMoly. It’s their sophisticated, mature side.

tonymoly snail cream

Fermented ingredients are known to be beneficial for your insides–your digestive system in particular. Fermented foods contain enzymes and nutrients that your body loves. Likewise, Korean skincare has been utilizing fermented ingredients for… centuries. I don’t know why it’s taken so long to travel across the sea, but I like it!

Snails, as you may have read/heard, are used in Korean skincare to fight aging, acne, hyper-pigmentation, and a plethora of other skin concerns. Research is spotty on this one. On one hand, snail mucin (not ground up snails, but their “slime”) has been shown to actually help these skin issues, but that’s pure “slime”. The use of snail mucin in products hasn’t been tested fully (at least to my knowledge and at the time of this post). This is one reason why so many k-beauty enthusiasts look for products with the highest percentage of snail mucin. This cream contains 70% which is a decent number, but not the highest I’ve seen.

This has a very interesting ingredients list. SSF (snail secretion filtrate) is at the top which is a good sign. TonyMoly also says that the snails have been fed gold green tea ferment (which is where the “ferment” comes from). Niacinamide is also pretty close to the top, giving a brightening effect as well as helping acne and even wrinkles. I noticed that it smelled “citrusy” and had an aha moment when looking at the ingredients. Papaya, aloe, lemon, bergamot, orange, and lime are all towards the middle and bottom of the list, giving this cream a refreshing scent. Wrapping up the bottom of the ingredients list are an assortment of Japanese botanicals like blood grass root extract, Barbary fig extract, and cypress water.

As for consistency, this cream is more like a cream-gel hybrid. It’s very smooth and silky when you apply. I really, really like it. It is a little sticky after application. If you wanted to wear during the day (although there’s no spf), you could apply a thin layer, but I like to use it at night and slather it on.

Results? I’m in love. Don’t tell hubby. It is so smooth and I love the light, citrus scent. Plus, snails. My skin felt brighter, smoother, and had less acne after only a few days of use. After a week and a half, I saw significant improvement. It’s like a dream! I have combo oily/dry skin and found this to be sufficiently hydrating without drowning my skin. I’m not sure if it’d be enough for super dry, flaky skin, but it’s probably great for everyone else.

I rate the TonyMoly Timeless Ferment Snail Cream 4.5 pomegranates. If it were slightly less sticky and had SPF for day use, I’d be slapping this on my skin all day. It’s definitely going on my “to buy” list.


To get your hands on this snail cream, Beautynet Korea (a tried and true, legit website for k-beauty) has it for a little less than $30. I do believe they’re also offering an option for a promotional snail eye cream with your purchase as well. You can find it here.

What’s your skin experience with snail products? Fermented products?


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9 thoughts on “TonyMoly Timeless Ferment Snail Cream

    1. Korean skin care products are so different from (most) Western products because of the innovation. Korean consumers are more “picky” about what they buy and use to companies that slack on quality or aren’t ahead of the game, typically don’t survive. There also seems to be a lot more natural and active ingredients in Korean products (for the most part). Not all of them are great, but most are so amazing! I hope you get a chance to try some out 😀


  1. I love the snail sheet masks! The first one I tried was from your mini-giveaway, and I’ve been hooked ever since. They smell delicious and the next day my skin is more hydrated and looks and feels softer and brighter.

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  2. So awesome:) I love trying out different kinds of lotions and potions for my skin, so this is a great recommendation! I will definitely take a deeper look into that Korean website you mentioned- I don’t have acne anymore- thanks to a few perscription medications..but I’d love to find something to help combat left over scarring!
    Thanks for posting!

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