Lush Sakura Bath Bomb–Review

Lush Sakura Bath Bomb–Review

With the new job, days off are treasured. Heck, even my evenings after I get home from work, kick off my shoes, and put my feet up are gold in my schedule. So this weekend was pamper time! Of course, I plopped a sheet mask on my face (they’re oddly relaxing…) and ran a tub full of steaming water.

After my first Lush experience, I knew I would be back. The tiny corner of my shopping mall has a dimly lit shop that smells like what I imagine Heaven is like. My newest Lush addition is the Sakura bath bomb. I’ll admit, it was a difficult decision. I’ve ad to resolve myself to only one bath bomb at a time you know… because of the current size of my paychecks and all. 😉

lush sakura

I’m not a huge fan of glittered bath bombs. As many memes on the internet point out, glitter is the herpes of crafting. So I’m not too keen to have it in my tub or on my body. When I saw Sakura in the store, I was quite pleased. It has a simplistic elegance to it (can you use the word elegance for bath bombs?).

The scent is very soft and mildly sweet–a little floral. The ingredients contain mimosa, orange flower, jasmine, and gardenia. It also contains sea salt and lemon oil (which isn’t noticeable). There’s no glitter, no “fillings”, and no clean up! Whoo hoo!

The bomb fizzes some when you drop it in, but that’s about it. It doesn’t change the water colors, unlike Big Blue which gives off a bluish-green reminiscent of the sea. The scent in the water is very light. This would be the perfect bath bomb for someone who doesn’t like heavy scents, glitter, or colored rings around their bathtubs. If you’re looking for heavily perfumed, interesting, “fun” bath bombs that will entertain as well as pamper you, then Sakura won’t be it.

I rate the Lush Sakura bath bomb 3.5 pomegranates. It was nice, but the scent wasn’t very strong. I liked using it, but would probably buy a different bomb next time. Big Blue still remains a favorite but seaweed clean up does not.


If you want to snag Sakura for yourself, you can find Lush store locations here or order online here.

What’s your favorite Lush product? Have you tried Sakura?


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20 thoughts on “Lush Sakura Bath Bomb–Review

  1. I took a Lush bath the other night and I used the entire bomb. I usually get like 4 or 5 uses out of them but not this time! It was like an orange creamsicle. It did leave some glitter in the tub though. I’m so excited, I created a new Asian Beauty page on my blog and I have a tons and tons of Korean and Japanese products that my dad brought back from Asia last week. I’ve been trying to catch up with sponsored posts so I can start exploring the new items!!!

    I also nominated you for The Lovely Blog award! =)

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    1. Orange creamsicle sounds so fun! I’m so excited you have an Asian beauty page! As soon as I’m not on my phone I’m going to look. I’m so jealous that your dad travels to Asia and brings you stuff back! Adopt me? Hahaha! Thank you so much for the nomination! It may take me awhile but I’ll get to it. 😉

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      1. It usually takes me a while too! I have those, sponsored posts and then my posts so it’s like… I never feel like I’m caught up! This is the first time he went to Asia I’m hoping it’s not the last but I got a haul to last a while.

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      2. I promise that once you really get to try some Asian beauty products, you’ll be hooked! I still use a lot of Western brands (especially makeup), but slowly my cabinet has been switching to packages that I can’t read. hahaha! Keep me updated and def do reviews when you finally get a chance to try stuff! 😀

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  2. Bahahahaha, the herpes of crafting! I love glittery stuff (although seriously, glitter gets in your EVERYTHING) but maybe not in my bath. Sorry, not to put too fine a point on it, but that sounds like a perfect recipe for a UTI. Lush makes me very unhappy, so I don’t partake, although I always like looking at pretty photos like these. 🙂

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  3. Great review Yazzi, the only Lush BB I’ve tried so far is the Creamy Candy bubble bar – thankfully no messy glitter just super sweet soap suds that are amazing!! You should give that a go if you haven’t already 🙂 Karen xox

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