October 1st Blog Changes

October 1st Blog Changes

Happy October 1st!

Okay, so it’s not a “special” day or a holiday, but I like the first day of October because (to me) it really signifies that Fall has started. Cooler weather is coming, longer nights are creeping in, boots and sweaters are cleaned and in the wardrobe ready to be worn.

For me, the new season also means a new job! Yay! I’m so excited to be getting back into the job force. Without revealing too manyΒ super personal details, I’ll be working Guest Services at a high end spa. I’ve done a similar job before and really liked the environment. Also the people I’ve met so far are really sweet so I’m excited to start working there! This does mean more scheduled posts and social media since I won’t be on my computer as much. Before, I would reply to a comment within a couple of hours (usually), but it may take a little longer now. Don’t worry! I’ll still be on here, I’ll just have to delegate my time better. πŸ˜‰

October also means Halloween! Admittedly, I haven’t done much for Halloween since I was young, but Hubby and I do like to carve pumpkins if we get a chance and it’s the perfect time to watch scary movies.

Speaking of HubbyΒ my on demand graphic artist… I wanted a little Halloween flair on the blog. Thus, I’m rolling out a new, Halloween inspired Pommie. You can check her out on my header all month long, but here she is in her Halloween costume: a pineapple!

pineapple pommie

Hope you guys like the little changes! ❀


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18 thoughts on “October 1st Blog Changes

  1. Congrats on starting te new job! I’d love to work at a spa or in the beauty industry in some capacity! Will you be required to test all the services / products? πŸ˜‰
    Haha, a pomegranate dressed up as a pineapple – OH silly! (great job hubby!)

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