TonyMoly I’m Real Tea Tree Lotion–Review

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I’m a tea tree lover. I love the smell, I love the name, and I love that it shrinks up any acne that may have popped up on my skin within a matter of days (or hours…). So when I received this sample of Tony Moly’s I’m Real Tea Tree Sebum and Pore Lotion I was jumping for joy. Tea tree? Check. Control oil? Check. Shrink those pores? Check.


Even if you aren’t too familiar with TonyMoly, you may have come across some of their products. One of their most well known items is the Panda line–particularly the Panda’s Dream White Cream. If you didn’t know about it before reading this… you’re welcome.

The I’m Real line boasts a high concentrate of natural ingredients. They used anything from aloe, seaweed, lemon, tea tree oil (in this case), and everything in between. This line was also formulated “9 free” which means it doesn’t have any TALC, parabenes, triethanolamine, benzylalcohd, surface active agents, Bezopheno, Propylene Glycol Dioleate, mineral oil, or synthetic colors.

Now, lest you be confused about the “lotion” in the name, this isn’t exactly a moisturizer. Confusing, I know. A lot of times you’ll see “lotion” for things like emulsions and “cream” for the actual, thicker moisturizers. Emulsions can be used as a light moisturizer but sometimes aren’t heavy duty enough for some people. To get the nitty gritty on Korean regimens, check out my post here. The ingredients list looks good. Tea tree leaf extract is pretty close to the top without being too strong. It does have denatured alcohol, though, which can be an irritant for some.

To use this, apply after the toner and before the moisturizer. Some people have found that they don’t need a moisturizer afterwards because they have such oily skin. I didn’t need any on my T-zone where my oil is the biggest concern, but I did on my cheeks that are more dry.

The consistency is like a watered down gel. It has a slightly clear-ish appearance. I liked how it spread very easily on my skin and you really don’t need a lot at all. I used about a pea sized amount and it was plenty to cover my entire face and jawline. It does smell like tea tree oil so if you don’t like that smell, this probably isn’t for you. The smell does dissipate once it’s absorbed.

So how did it fare? I actually really liked it. After regular use, I saw a slight difference in my smaller acne which is definitely nice. It’s not strong enough to be used in place of an actual acne treatment, in my opinion, but it’s a great simple, one-step addition to your routine. As I mentioned before, I did have to use a moisturizer on my cheeks because they are tooย finicky dry for just this product. Overall, quite nice. Unfortunately, I didn’t really see a difference in oil production (bummer) and my pores are the same moon-crater size as before (double, moon-crater sized bummer). I give the TonyMoly I’m Real Tea Tree Sebum and Pore Lotion 3.5 pomegranates.


To get your hands on this lotion, you can check out Amazon hereย or Beautynet Korea here.

Are you coo-coo for tea tree, too?


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10 thoughts on “TonyMoly I’m Real Tea Tree Lotion–Review

  1. Unlike you, I’m not a big fan of tea tree oil! I don’t like the smell and I find it quite harsh yet ineffective on my skin! I was really hoping a natural ingredient like tea tree would help with my hormonal blemishes but alas no… I stick to BHA / Benzoyl Peroxide.

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    1. I think it’s because (for the lotion at least), it just seems like an extra “fluff” step. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it.. just not enough to go out and buy a full size to use everyday. I’d rather use a stronger tea tree oil step in my regimen. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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