Lioele AC Control Spot Patch–Review

Lioele AC Control Spot Patch–Review

Hello Lovelies!

I don’t know where I’ve been… I guess living under a rock…? I discovered these patches (yes, patches) for acne only a couple of months ago and thought they were the coolest idea ever. But apparently they’ve been out for awhile. Oh, well, better late than never!

There are a ton of acne spot patches by a ton of different brands, but the kind that I’ve tried is by Lioele. I haven’t really tried anything else by them, but I know they have other skincare products and some makeup products, too, so I’d like to give those a try in the future. These typically come in a larger pack with multiple of these sleeves (pictured below), but I just bought one sleeve to see if I even liked them.

lioele spot1   20150725_142920.jpg

In the second photo, I added artificial light and Chapstick so that you could see the patches and the scale. Each sleeve comes with twleve patches and, while some brands have different sizes, these are all one size. They are formulated with salicylic acid and tea tree oil (love!) to fight off any pimples that may pop up (haha… get it?). They are also colorant, fragrance, and preservative free.

To use them, after cleansing the face apply the patch directly on the spot to be treated before anything other products. If you’re worried that it will rub off while you apply your ampoules or creams, don’t. These buggers are tough! I’ll admit, the first couple of times, I didn’t seem to land it right in the center very well. Yes, you can gently pull it off and try again, but that leaves the adhesive less strong so I wouldn’t recommend it. Because these are transparent, you can also use them either during the day or night (I wore one for an entire day and hubby had no idea!), but I would recommend to use it at night because makeup will slide right off.

They should be left on for about 8-12 hours to be the most effective. I did happen to totally forget about one and left it on for over 12 hours, but I didn’t lose any skin so I’m not concerned. 😉 They stick surprisingly well. When it’s time to remove them, take a fingernail and gently lift it off. Voila!

Unfortunately, these aren’t miracle workers by any means. I’m still searching for that magical product probably made with unicorn hair that makes pimples literally just disappear. I tried this on everything from the tiniest spots to cystic acne. The smaller, and newer, the pimple is, the better this will work. I found that it can completely eliminate smaller pimples almost overnight. Cystic acne didn’t fare so well, but that’s not a huge surprise. It did, thankfully, start to ease the swelling and size of them overnight, though, and within a few days it was significantly smaller.

As I was testing these out, I found that I kept reaching for them when I had a particularly troublesome spot. I don’t use these on all of my acne spots because I’d use an entire sheet in two nights (probably), but I do like them for the occasional pesky pimple. Bottom line, these patches work best on smaller acne spots, but can help when you’re desperate to ease the agony of cystic acne. I think next time I will opt for patches that come in varying sizes, though, because these were overkill on some uses. I rate the Lioele AC Control Spot Patch 3.5 pomegranates.


To try out these little patches for yourself, check out Amazon here for a full pack or on Ebay here for a single sheet.

Have you ever tried little wonder acne patches? What’s your tried and true acne zapper?


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8 thoughts on “Lioele AC Control Spot Patch–Review

  1. I got a pack of the Nexcare 3M kind but I have yet to try it. I have read that it’s mainly good for pimples that have already popped? I have a spot right now that I can feel starting to appear (thanks vacation!) and I want to try it tonight but I’m thinking it won’t do anything!

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    1. I’m not sure if it’s meant for the pimple aftermath (haha). I found that, at least for this brand, it doesn’t do miracles overnight, but it seems to keep the inflammation and redness down until it can clear itself up. I plan to try a few other brands to see if there’s one that works better since these are my first patches. Let me know how those Nexcare 3M ones do! 🙂

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  2. great review! I have the CosRX ones coming to me, as I hear those are really great. If you run out of these types of treatments, I found this works pretty well too – get some antibiotic cream (not ointment as the bandaid will slip) and those small round type bandaid. I dab the cream on my pimple and let it absorb, then slap the bandaid on it – this, of course, is an overnight treatment. a pimple is a wound (pus) and doing this now and then does help! You should not do this all the time, as I read that antibiotic cream can thin out your skin

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