Memebox Lucky Box Haul

Memebox Lucky Box Haul

I’m not a gambler. Not by a long shot. I’m that person that carefully watches her money and only banks on safe investments. Two dollar scratch off lottery tickets from the gas station are few and far between. And, even though it’s just two bucks, when I lose, I’m truly sad.

Cue a few weeks ago when Memebox put out their Lucky Box. It’s a mystery box that guarantees a retail value of at least $55 and up to $160 with 6-8 full size products in each box. I was so tempted by this box, but there were no reviews and no more details. I kept coming back to their website only to hit the close button on the web browser. After encouragement from my hubby to splurge on that one last birthday gift, I hit confirm and my Lucky Box was on its way.

I’ve covered this in my first Memebox haul post (here), but Memebox’s shipping and packaging is just so quick and pleasant. Instead of just pink confetti in the box this time, there was an inner box that was also pink. I excitedly opened up my box to see what was in it!

(Note: If you’re new to Memebox and would like 20% of of $25 or more, you can use my code here. This is a referral code.)

lucky box2

I received a body peeling gel from Secret Key. I was really just hoping and wishing that I’d get a peeling gel so I suppose one meant for the body isn’t too far off. I also received a Secret Kiss (which seems to be a part of Secret Key..?) Skinny Real Quick Eyeliner. It actually looks quite pretty and has a felt tip, but I’m not keen on liquid eyeliners. I didn’t swatch it so that I could save it for a swap/giveaway stash. I also got a cream matte lipstick in Daring Marsala by Makeup by Evon. This was a collaboration between Makeup by Evon (Youtube blogger) and Memebox.

A Skinfood eyelash curler was also included, but (despite my love of Skinfood) I am in absolute love with my Japonesque curler and am not in need (or want) of another. This will also go in my swap/giveaway stash since it seems like a good product overall. An IPKN bb cream was tucked in the pink confetti paper and I almost missed it becauseΒ it’s so small! Seriously… is this supposed to be full sized? Because it looks like a deluxe sample. But I digress. There’s also a RiRe Lip Manicure lip tint in Wine Burgundy which I was on the fence about and then came to love. (Review soon!)Β To finish it off, I received an Etude House Play nail polish but I have to idea the name because I can’t read Korean. It’s a pretty confetti topcoat with blue, pink, purple, and green dots.

Thoughts? I was pretty disappointed, honestly. I felt like this was a box filled with Memebox rejects or leftovers. They don’t even offer some of these anymore! I’ve been playing around with the products and will do reviews in the future for the ones I’m keeping (like the RiRe lip tint), but I feel mostly on the fence about it. Plus, with Memebox offering a ton of skincare on their site, you’d feel like it’d have more skincare…right?

I rate Memebox’s Lucky Box 2 pomegranates. It’s not the worst ever, but I wouldn’t buy it again (even though I did still get my money’s worth). It’s not available anymore, but the reviews on there now are either 5 stars or hover in the 1-2 star range. Maybe they could’ve mixed up some boxes to have everyone in the middle of the road? πŸ˜‰


More detailed product reviews of the items in this box are to come!

Have you ever splurged for a mystery box before? Were you happy… disappointed? Please share in the comments!

*I also wanted to share a few blog updates that I’ve done in the past week or so. In my About Me, I’ve added a contact form so it’s easier to email me and in the sidebar I’ve added new social media buttons and a couple of helpful links (“Confused About the Korean Skincare Regimen?” and “Where To Buy Your Korean Cosmetics”). This way you can find me on social media easier and can refer back to some posts I’ve written previously for help. I hope you like the updates! πŸ™‚


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10 thoughts on “Memebox Lucky Box Haul

    1. Thanks for reading! Yeah, I was pretty disappointed in the massive lack of skincare in my box (some other people reviewed that they received face washes, exfoliators, moisturizers, etc). Thankfully, I am happy at the lippies I got and some of the other stuff. That’s what I get for gambling! haha πŸ˜‰

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