Lush Haul!

Lush Haul!

The city that I lived in before didn’t have a Lush store anywhere near me so I was left drooling over their website and other bloggers’ review and haul posts. When we moved, I discovered that there’s a Lush right in our mall and I vowed that I would go in and try some bath products.

So this post just shows you what I got. It’s not a large haul by a long shot–I only bought two items–but I’m super excited about them anyway. πŸ˜‰

If you haven’t heard of Lush, they are a cosmetic store specializing in bath products like bath bombs (they’re famous for them!), shampoo, face masks, etc. They don’t test on animals, use recycled packaging, are vegetarian, and make all of their products by hand. They’re pretty spectacular and if you haven’t discovered them before, you’re welcome. πŸ˜‰

The first thing that I got while in Lush was, obviously, a bath bomb. I searched for the perfect one because I had a limited amount of money and these puppies aren’t the cheapest things in the world. I settled on Big Blue because I absolutely love anything seaweed and it just sounded so refreshing. It has pieces of dried seaweed in it that are released when you drop it in the water. Seaweed has tons of nutrients in it which makes it great for your body–inside and out! It is also formulated with sea salt (which helps to detoxify), lemon oil, and lavender oil.

big blue edit

While I was perusing the store and trying to discover another exciting find, a store associate came over. We were standing in front of the hair products and she asked how my hair was. Well, since moving, my hair has just hated the water here. It leaves it dry and heavy–a problem I haven’t really had to deal with before. She recommended the Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar. First of all, a shampoo bar is shampoo but in solid form. This particular type has argan oil which is great for dry hair and is scented with lemon and rose. It smells amazing, you guys! To use, you wet your hair and the bar then swipe it over your hair a couple of times. It will lather as you massage your scalp and you just rinse it out. I followed with my favorite conditioner. I wasΒ so skeptical while using this in the shower the first time because it didn’t feel any different than before. But once I dried my hair, it was noticeably softer, smooth, hydrated, and so shiny I could see my reflection. (*May be a slight exaggeration about the shininess.)

jason and argan edit

Overall I was so happy with my purchases. I give both of them 4 pomegranates. The only reason they aren’t 5 is that I feel like they are a little pricey (especially the bath bomb), but I do understand that running a quality, eco-friendly business can cost more so that won’t keep me from visiting Lush again!


What are your favorites from Lush? I’d love to give something else a try!


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18 thoughts on “Lush Haul!

  1. Whenever I come by our malls and I smell something divine, I know somewhere near is a Lush store. It’s a bit pricey really specially here for a reason I’m not so sure of, but I’m taking notes basing on reviews that I find and I want to include it on my Birthday Wish List as well as this one. I always wonder how a shampoo bar would work not to mention I’m all gaga with scents.

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  2. Oh man I was just there today!!! Wish I read your post before and now I’m just tempted to go back again this weekend!! πŸ™‚ I never got anything from Lush and I really wanted to get a bath bomb but I just couldn’t justify myself spending so much but now I feel like I should get a bath bomb and try that bar shampoo!!! πŸ™‚

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    1. The bath bomb I got can totally get more than one use. Just put it in a Ziploc, seal, and throw it to the floor (let your stress out!). You can get two (possibly three) baths. The only thing is that I think some of the other kinds have things in the centers so they probably wouldn’t do well broken up. Get it girl! πŸ˜‰

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  3. You walked out of a Lush store with just 2 things? Wow, that’s unheard of compared to other people’s hauls that I’ve seen! It’s so pricey though so I get it. I’ve tried one of their solid shampoos before and it was good until it got toward the end when the bar got really gooey and kind of melted, so I had to toss it. Thanks for sharing your haul!

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