Mizon Pore Refine Essence–Review

Mizon Pore Refine Essence–Review

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Hey guys! I can’t believe the weekend is over already.

Today’s review is about the Mizon Skin Turnaround Pore Refine Silky Essence. Yes, that’s the whole name. Korean products are pretty well known for having effective products… that you can never remember the full name of!

pore refine edit.jpg

Mizon is a popular Korean skincare brand. I love their snail based products and one of their newest and most popular products now include starfish extract. Cool stuff!

The Pore Refine Essence (as we’ll shorten it to) doesn’t have any “strange” ingredients like the products just mentioned. It’s formulated with green tea, Japanese cornelian cherry, and lotus extracts which help to control oil production. It also lists a slew of other vegetable/plant extracts (including beefsteak plant leaf, walnut, and pepper tree peptide-1) to fills pores naturally for a flawless look. Along with controlling oil and reducing the sizes of pores, this product claims to help sloth off dull, dead skin for a glowy complexion. I’m in!

I tried two sample sizes (which lasted a little over a week), but here’s the full size, courtesy of Google Images.


I originally started using this at night because that’s how I typically integrate new products into my routine. Essences are applied after the toner (or cleansing if you don’t use toner) in your skincare regimen. You can read my old post on Korean regimens if you are unsure of where to start or need a refresher. 🙂

The consistency is thin and gel-like straight out of the container. It has a mildly alcoholic smell which I didn’t particularly like, but it does fade once applied so it wasn’t a huge problem for me. It’s easy to apply to the whole face or you can even concentrate on just where your pores are a problem (for me, the T-zone). I experimented with both ways.

It’s super strange after applying, but in a pleasant way! After gently smearing across my whole face and tapping lightly, the texture went from gel-like to smooth. It was almost like a silicone primer, but without the greasiness that you can sometimes experience. I actually liked this effect.

After using it for a few days at night, I didn’t see huge results. My pores were ever so slightly smaller, but I wasn’t satisfied so I switched it up and applied it during the day. Yes, essences can (and are quite often) applied during the day as well as night. I, personally, don’t use many essences or anything during the day because I feel like my skin really absorbs better at night. But I digress.

You use this in the same steps as well—after toner/cleansing. I saw much more dramatic results this way! Even with just one application, I saw that my pores were much smaller, making my makeup look much more smooth and airbrushed.

I would recommend this as more of a morning essence if you decide to try it. Maybe if I had more long term use of it at night I may have seen more results, but I was really pleased with the effect it had during the day under my makeup. It didn’t make me oily or slick like a silicone primer would do. The only qualm I have is that I don’t think it be a substitute for a primer if you need one–it would really just help with your pores–adding another step to your morning routine.

I give the Mizon Skin Turnaround Pore Refine Essence 3.5 pomegranates. If they made a primer using this, I’d be hooked, but as of now I have to apply this, moisturize then also apply a primer before makeup. I just don’t like that many steps. I haven’t converted to a double-digit step regimen for the a.m. yet. 😉 Also, I feel like, even though I did get good results, they just didn’t knock me out of the park.


If you’d like to try out Mizon’s Pore Refine Essence yourself, you can find it on Amazon.com here or on Korea Depart here.

Have you ever used a product by Mizon before? What’s your go-to for those pesky pores?


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