Memebox Haul and Review

Memebox Haul and Review

Happy Hump Day!

Hopefully by the end of next week everything will be back to normal as far as the blog is concerned. Until then, I wanted to give a quick review of my experience with Memebox.

Memebox is a US based company that provides Asian beauty and skincare products through subscription box services with different themes. They also have an area on their website where you can just buy products as well. I chose this option and bought a variety of products. Although I haven’t tried their subscription boxes yet, I would love to give them a try in the future!

I placed the order later on a Sunday evening and,Β to my surprise, the box was waiting at my door that Friday! I was impressed at the speed of processing and shipping, especially considering I had free shipping as well. Inside the box, the products are packaged very safely in bubble wrap and taped closed to keep from spilling everywhere. My cleanser was also sealed tight and plastic wrapped so there was no leakage.

My favorite part? Instead of packing peanuts or more bubble wrap, the contents are padded in a bed of bright pink paper confetti. Okay, not really confetti, but it sure looks like it. Coincidentally, I received my Memebox order on my birthday. Because pink is my favorite color, I like to think that they packed it in pink paper for me. πŸ˜‰


I won’t go into a lot of detail about the products that I received because I plan to do more in depth reviews in the future. I did get some sheet masks, a clay mask, and a foaming cleanser.

20150814_1441482 20150814_144333~2

I’m very pleased with my purchase. The products were packaged well and it arrived very quickly. I feel like the selection with Memebox is pretty decent considering that it’s in the US. You can have access to a lot of popular Korean brands as well as Japanese and Taiwanese products. I wish there was a little more variety, but hopefully as they grow, they can add more unique items. Overall, I rate Memebox a 4.5 (not counting the subscription boxes which I haven’t tried). I will definitely order with them again in the future!


If you want to try out Memebox for yourself, you can use my coupon code as well so you get 20% off of $25 or more!

Your Turn:

Have you ever heard of or tried Memebox before?

Thanks so much for reading and hanging in there with me while we sort out all this moving stuff! In the meantime, check out my Facebook and Twitter pages as well!

*This post reflects my own opinions and is not sponsored or promoted in any way by Memebox.

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