Etude House Pure Water Baobab Products–Review

Etude House Pure Water Baobab Products–Review

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Happy Tuesday, everyone! I have been busy, busy, busy with school exams and getting everything geared up for the move in a couple of weeks. I hope you’ve had an amazing start to your week so far! This post is going to be a little lengthy because I tried out three products to review!

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to try out some of Etude House‘s Baobab products. I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty excited to try these out. First of all, I love Etude House. They are a Korean brand (of course…) and are geared towards teens to young adults. They use typical Korean quality in their products and also aim for the packaging to be cute, pretty, or a combo of the two. I believe there’s more in the line, but I used the toner, moisturizer (essence), and cream.


Second of all, what-the-what is baobab? And how does that play into skincare? I’m all for the oddball ingredients so I was stoked to get my hands on these. If you’re interested, baobab trees are native to hot climates like Africa, India, and parts of Australia. Its trunk is huge while its limbs are spindly, giving it an odd look. Apparently, this is because the baobab has to endure long periods of drought so it stores water in its massive trunk. Here’s a cool blurb and photo if you want and, for funsies, here’s how to say itΒ because we all know we’re probably not saying it right.

So why is this in skincare products? Well, this article claims that the baobab has super high concentrations of antioxidants and vitamin C. Etude House says that, because the baobab is amazing at retaining moisture, it will be amazing for your skin, too! There’s also moringa tree extract which Etude House claims has purifying effects. Fancy! πŸ˜‰

I, as per usual, tried these during my nightly regimen. I tried each one individually to see how it would be on my skin and then took a couple of days to try all three together to test the effectiveness of the set. Here’s how they would be used in order:

The toner, which is made with 53% baobab extract, was nice. It has a light consistency, but thicker than you would imagine toner would be. There is a very slight scent, but hardly noticeable and I can’t quite place what it is. The application is smooth and doesn’t leave any stickiness afterwards. Alone, I didn’t notice a huge difference in my skin.

The “moisturiser”, made with 54% baobab extract, is actually an essence (apparently these are confused commonly because essences can also be used for moisturization so translation gets wonky). It actually looks and feels more like a cream (albeit a thin cream). The scent is the same (I’m wondering if it’s baobab?) so there’s not much scent to it. Alone, I did notice a slight difference in the moisture levels of my skin. My cheeks tend to be dry so I paid special attention to the effects there.

The cream is exactly what it seems like: the moisturizing cream and is made with 17% baobab extract. Strangely, it’s less “cream” like and more like gel. But once you smooth it on the skin it feels just like a cream so no gooey, stickiness there! Same with the scent as the others so if you are sensitive to scents, I don’t think this will be a problem. Alone, I really loved this cream. The dryness in my cheeks felt much better after just one use.

Together, the line is amazing. I liked the products well enough individually, but with all three I noticed a significant improvement in the moisturization levels of my skin! The bonus is that I tested these for night time, but they are light enough that I feel like you could use them during the day, too. πŸ™‚ I would say this would be great for normal to dry (but not severely dry) skin for an added boost of moisture.

I rate theseΒ all together as 4 pomegranates. Individually, I may say something like a 3-3.5, but together, they work amazing. I love the smooth application, light to no scent, and effectiveness on my skin. I felt so glowy! πŸ™‚


Here’s what the full sizeΒ bottles look like (courtesy of


If you’re interested in trying out Etude House’s Pure Water Baobab products, you can find the toner here, moisturiser/essence here, and cream here.

Your Turn:

Have you ever tried any Etude House products? If so, what are your favs? If not, what are you interested in trying?

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18 thoughts on “Etude House Pure Water Baobab Products–Review

  1. I love learning about new Asian beauty items, and especially new ingredients. “Baobab” is unknown to me! I swear, humans are like this: find new plant / fruit, “Can I eat it?” and then “Can I smear it on my face?” lol
    I like the simple yet feminine packaging of this line – I also LOVE that Asian brands are so good with providing samples!

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    1. I know! I have to admit, though, I’m all about the “weird” ingredients. If I haven’t seen it in facial products, I want to try it! haha The packing is definitely pretty. Etude House is great at making such gorgeous packaging that’s pretty or cute for almost all their stuff. And, yes, I love the samples, too! Thanks so much for reading! πŸ™‚

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