Post A Quote Challenge–Day 2

Post A Quote Challenge–Day 2

Welcome back!

This is day two of my Post A Quote Challenge. For details, see Day One. Let’s jump right into it!

Β martin-luther-king-jr-quotes-about-love-ogkv0p3on

Yes, this is a little long for a quote, but it really struck me when I read it. MLK Jr. was one of the best public speakers that America had to offer. He knew how to relate to the people he addressed and knew when to strike the right chord at the right time. But he delivered his speeches with honesty and emotion. This particular quote isΒ one of my favorite excerpts from a speech of his. The world isn’t rainbows and sunshine. I’m sure there will always be hate, but guess what combats hate? Love. MLK Jr. campaigned to change the world with love. He taught us that instead of meeting violence with violence and hate with hate, we should be peaceful and loving. This was the method of Mahatma Ghandi as well–the man that helped to lead India to independence from Britain.

I just truly love this excerpt and it reminds us to love–even when it’s hard.

Okay, Day two of the challenge is over! Only one more day! Do you guys have any quotes that you really love?

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