Ulta Voluptuous Volume Mascara–Review

Ulta Voluptuous Volume Mascara–Review

Hello everyone!

I wanted to break away from the Asian beauty for a moment and do a review on a product that I’ve been using for awhile now. That’s the Voluptuous Volume mascara by Ulta. I’m pretty picky about my mascara because I have long, but thin lashes. So I’m always looking for volume.

(Photo courtesy of Ulta.com)


I feel like half of a mascara’s worth is in its wand. I typically look for smaller, thinner bristles, but a large amount of them. Ulta’s Voluptuous Volume delivers in this sense. Application is smooth and there’s no clumping which is great! I don’t feel like it curls super well, but I typically lightly curl once more after my mascara dries so it’s not a big deal for me. They don’t give lots of volume, so the name is pretty misleading, but I like it for a daytime look because it’s not over the top. It plumps up and darkens lashes a bit without it being super obvious you’re wearing mascara. I give it four pomegranates because I use it often, but the name is misleading.


Now here’s a few photos of myself wearing Voluptuous Volume in black.

mascara collage

If you want to try out Ulta’s Voluptuous Volume Mascara for yourself, you can find it at Ulta.com here.

Your Turn:

Have you ever tried any of Ulta’s mascaras? If so, what did you think? If not, would you try it?

Thank you, as always, for reading and be sure to visit me on Facebook or Twitter!


12 thoughts on “Ulta Voluptuous Volume Mascara–Review

    1. I’ve been so tempted lately by the Miss Manga mascara when I’m in the store! Does it help with thickening as well or just lengthening? And thanks so much for the follow! I just followed you as well and have been enjoying your reviews 😀


      1. Thanks so much for the follow!
        I find that, for me, the Miss Manga mainly just lengthens and curls however I know they’ve come out with different formulas now that might work for thickening!


      1. You’re welcome! I will have to check it out sometime. I’m always about inexpensive products! 🙂 xo


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