TonyMoly Banana Hand Milk–Review

TonyMoly Banana Hand Milk–Review

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Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today is just a short review. I’ve been swamped with school work (including exams! yikes!) and figuring out all of this moving mumbo jumbo. I did want to make sure to tell you guys about this product, though. 😉

I tried the TonyMoly Banana Hand Milk the other evening. It was just a sample so it was enough to use on my hands and lower arms. A friend of mine had used it before and told me that it smelled exactly like bananas. On that note: My hubby absolutely hates bananas (including the smell) so I had to wait until he was out to try it.


The ingredients include shea butter, coconut oil, macadamia oil, and milk protein extracts–all which help to hydrate dry skin. When I cracked it open and put it on my hands, it definitely smelled like bananas. If you know Runt candies, it smells exactly like the banana ones. It made me crave candy!

The texture is very creamy, but not overly thick. It also goes on very smooth. I originally thought that this would only be good for a night cream because it felt a little oily once I slathered it on, but after about 20 minutes, the oil had disappeared and I had soft, supple skin, so you could use it during the day as well. The scent also vanishes with time. After about 15 minutes, the banana candy scent was very light and after about 30 minutes, it was almost not existent. I actually kind of liked that the scent dissipated with time so that I could hang out with hubby again!

Overall, I give this TonyMoly Banana Hand Milk 3.5 pomegranates.  I liked the consistency of the hand milk, felt that it did moisturize my skin, and loved the novelty of the banana scent. But I do feel like I would get tired of the banana scent so I’m not sure I would buy the full size. In case you’re wondering, TonyMoly has a peach hand cream that people seem to love so I think I will try that next!


And, just for fun, I found a photo of the full size so you can see how hilariously awesome this is! TonyMoly is known for it’s cute stuff!


If you’re interested in snagging one for yourself, you can get it at here or on here.

Your Turn:

Have you ever tried anything by TonyMoly? Or maybe something made with food products (fruit, veggies)?

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