Shara Shara Precious Cream–Review

Shara Shara Precious Cream–Review

Hello again!

I was able to test drive a sample by Shara Shara, a Korean beauty brand that specializes in effective (and cute!) skincare and makeup products. This is the first time I’d ever tried Shara Shara, though I’d heard of them, so I was pretty excited! The sample package is a really pretty, soft, pastel look (a “mini me” version of the full size).


I typically try new products during my nightly regimen unless they’re makeup products or specifically formulated for daytime. I looked this one up thanks to my ol’ pal Google and nothing indicates that it’s meant for day so nighttime it was. The packaging says that it is a moisturizing cream that “provides vitality and nutrients to the skin, leading to a radiant glow”. I also found a short ingredients list that includes seven kinds of Chinese herbal medicinal plants like peony, evening primrose, kudzu root, elm root, and others. Also included is adenosine, an ingredient that has been recently discovered to be a fast, effective wrinkle reducer. I did my regular cleanse, tone, treat, yadda yadda then cracked this baby open.

It’s hard to describe the smell. Apparently I describe the smell in textures: soft, warm. But hubby says that warm and spicy is what he feels like it is. Either way, it’s not a perfume, floral, or fruity scent. It’s just… “soft”. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The texture is thick and creamy so it makes for a great nighttime cream. It also applied very smoothly and I felt my skin drank I up while not leaving any greasiness afterwards.

I feel like my skin actually did have a pretty glow or sheen to it–just a hint. I do have to say that I liked this so much better than I anticipated! The entire time I applied it, I was (audibly) exclaiming, “Ooh! I like this!” So if that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is. I suppose, if you wanted, you could use it during the day, but there’s no spf and it’s a little thick, so I’ll personally stick to having it in my nighttime arsenal.

I give it 4 pomegranates. I absolutely loved it and it’s now taken a place in my “I gotta have it” list, but I wish I could find better (reliable)ย information about it. I also like products that do double duty (as in: multi functional) and this seems to just moisturize and brighten (which could also just be moisturization). One more thing: I have dry cheeks and it didn’t seem to moisturize well enough to keep my cheeks hydrated through the entire night.ย Either way, I really like it and would recommend. ๐Ÿ™‚


To try out Shara Shara’s Precious Cream for yourself, you can get it on here, on Tester Korea here, or from various sellers on

Your Turn:

Have you ever heard of or tried Shara Shara before? If not, what do you like to use as your favorite nighttime cream?

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9 thoughts on “Shara Shara Precious Cream–Review

  1. Been hearing a lot about korean beauty products and now your post just made me crave more. I just have no idea where to get them here. Plus i always like to try first before buying full size stuff.

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      1. Nowadays i’m browsing ebay a lot as I really want to order from them. But bedore doing so,i need to study them first. Will check these products too over there ๐Ÿ˜Š Thanks for suggesring dear.


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