Dewy Tree Blackhead Out Nose Patch–Review

Dewy Tree Blackhead Out Nose Patch–Review

*Edit to the results has been added below!

Happy Thursday, everyone! We’ve almost made it to the weekend!

I told you that the reviews would be back! I wanted to review a new product I sampled this past week. It’s the Blackhead Out Nose Patch from Dewy Tree. I don’t normally do nose patches, but this was a sample that I received with another order and I was interested to give it a try.


First, the packaging is oh-so-cute and we all know I’m a sucker for adorable packaging! It has little illustrated mushrooms, pomegranates (yay!), strawberries, butterflies, and an adorable sun with the nose patch on. It uses “Jeju volcanic ash” to help unclog pores so it has illustrations of charcoal on it as well. (*Sidenote: Jeju is a South Korean island.)

When taking it out of the packaging, I was surprised that it’s actually black. A lot of products tout charcoal/volcanic ash power, but few end up actually being black. I cleansed my face and used my toner before adding a hot towel to my face (specifically the nose area) to open up my pores in preparation for this adorable little nose patch. The smell is… pretty awful. I wish I could describe it, but it just smells weird. I guess that’s the volcanic ash smell, but it wasn’t super pleasant having it on my nose the whole time (I got used to it after a few minutes, though).

The directions are definitely in Korean (which I definitely can’t read), but these things usually say 10-15 minutes and/or until dried. So I slapped this bad boy on and got to catching up on my blog reading!

When I pulled it off, I saw some gross gunk it got out, which means it did something, but I didn’t really see a noticeable difference in my skin. 😕 It did feel smoother, though, so that’s a plus.

Overall, I feel like it didn’t do better at unclogging my pores than regular exfoliation would so this isn’t a product I would buy. To be fair though, I’ve been jaded on nose patches/strips so I wasn’t expecting a whole lot. I do give it points for packaging (I love you, South Korea!) and I absolutely love putting mask/patches on my face so it gets a fun factor. I give the Dewy Tree Blackhead Out Nose Patch only 2 pomegranates. I just feel like it didn’t do much, but it was fun as a sample!


**Edit: My mom tried one of these and it was pretty crazy! It got out a lot of gunk (sorry, Mom!) and she said that her nose felt smoother and so much better. I don’t know what the difference is (I think maybe I just have clogged pores and not actual blackheads or whiteheads), but she said that she’s tried Biore strips and these are so much better. So, if you’re itching to try out some nose strips, these are the ones! 😉

If you would like to try them for yourself, has them available here.

Your Turn:

Have you tried nose patches/strips before? If so, how was your experience? If not, would you try them?

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12 thoughts on “Dewy Tree Blackhead Out Nose Patch–Review

    1. They don’t really seem to work for me, so I just keep up with regular exfoliation which helps to sloth off the dead skin cells (that helps keep pores from getting clogged as well as get rid of the layers that are clogged). It seems to work pretty well for me. But, if you’ve tried other nose strips (like Biore) and they got some gunk out, but didn’t seem to work well, then you may want to try these! My mom said that these worked well for her! 😉


    1. I know! Unfortunately nose patches don’t seem to work for me, but they’re so fun! I just did an update, though, relaying my mom’s experience wit them which was really positive. So if you wanna give these a shot, they may work for you! Thanks for reading!

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