Lebelage Sheet Masks–Review

Lebelage Sheet Masks–Review

Hello again!

Since I have a love for Korean products, my life wouldn’t be complete without sheet masks. Yes, many people cite BB creams as their gateway drug product from South Korea, but for me, it’s sheet masks. I can’t even remember where or when I discovered them, but once I checked Ebay and found the glorious selection, I was hooked. These Lebelage masks are on the cheaper, not-as-great end of sheet masks, but they are awesome just the same. Let me show you:


Of course, snail is one of the top ingredients right now. It sounds weird, gross, maybe a little wtf, but I swear… snail goop mucus extract is the bomb! It helps with just about everything: tone, texture, wrinkles, acne, and a plethora of other issues. Now, since these masks are on the more affordable end, they aren’t as jam packed as some other brands. But they still work.

These masks pictured (L to R: Charcoal, Pearl, Vitamin, Snail) are just a few of the Lebelage masks offered out there. There’s Red Ginseng, Aloe, Royal Honey, Green Tea, and many, many others.

Of course, you will need to cleanse and tone before using these products. For more info on the typical Korean regimen, see this post. These masks are packed with essence in them so load up on your skin before peeling them open and applying! They are durable cotton masks so they don’t rip easily and, although they are meant for more round shaped faces, they are cut in a few areas so that you can adjust as needed.

The package says to leave on for 15-20 minutes, but really… just slap one on and go do something for however long you want! I leave it on until it’s falling off of my face because it is dry. (I usually do these while I get some homework out of the way which definitely takes some time). There’s no need to worry if you have it on for too long because you don’t rinse the essence off. Let me repeat: Don’t rinse the essence off! That’s where all the good stuff is! Let your skin drink it up.

I’ll be honest and say that I don’t see much difference in smell or even results between each type of mask. I really get kinds that sound interesting. They all seem to help with tone, texture, some acne, and most definitely hydration. I have noticed, though, that the snail mask seems to help my pigmentation and acne slightly more.

There’s no overpowering scent and I’ve never had an irritation so it seems like these masks would be good for any skin type. After using, lightly pat any remaining essence into skin, let absorb for a few minutes and finish with any ampoule/serums and moisturization. I usually do my masks at night because my skin feel so happy that I don’t want to put makeup over it, but some people do them in the morning as well. You can also do sheet masks as often as you want. Some people do everyday while others do once a week.

I give these sheet masks 4 pomegranates. I know that they are not as concentrated as some higher end brands, but they do just fine and help me distress when I use them. I’ve also seen a noticeable difference in tone and texture as well as hydration as I have been using them.


If you would like to purchase your own Lebelage sheet masks, check out Ebay and Amazon. I searched for a static link, but I cannot find one so I am hesitant to link.

Your Turn:

Have you used sheet masks before? If so, what did you think? If not, would you give it a go?

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9 thoughts on “Lebelage Sheet Masks–Review

    1. Haha! Yeah some people are grossed out by it but it honestly feels just like any other essence or serum and it doesn’t smell weird or anything. Plus it has great properties that help to make your skin so healthy! (There’s always other masks like aloe, pearl, and green tea that are awesome too!)


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